What Is The Best Online Marketing Strategy?

Novice digital marketers often ask me, “What is the best online marketing strategy?” If you expect suggestions like affiliate marketing, ebook creation, marketing PLR products or social media marketing; the answer, however, is something a little more subtle than that. And it makes any of the options above into a potential money-making machine.

The best online marketing strategy

Several names know the best online marketing strategy I have ever come across, but I like to refer to it as “addiction marketing”.

Allow me to explain:

I’m sure you’ve heard of people suffering from addiction, and it is usually not a good thing. These addictions tend to be for unhealthy items like alcohol, tobacco or drugs. The thing about habits is – they can be tough to get over.

In this scenario
Imagine you want to create a positive form of addiction with your products or content. You can do it by making sure that your customers loved and got great benefits from what you offer – it would keep them coming back for more – hopefully for months or even years!

This has two positive outcomes for you and your business.

  • Your business would be booming due to all the sales.
  • Your customers would be embracing you and your content and enjoying the benefits.

As Del Boy used to say in “Only Fools And Horses” – Everyone’s a winner!

How can you make your products and services addictive?

Think of any popular product or brand name that people seem to keep buying over and over again. If you see something with repeat sales, then it is addictive in some way.

Think about Apple products. Every year there’s a new version iPhone. And Apple customers are almost falling over themselves to get an upgrade to the latest version. Some mobile phone contracts get created for this very purpose!

You often hear people refer to being Apple fans and that they’ll only use an iPhone or Mac computer. These people are essentially Apple addicts who love Apple-branded goods.
Other products and services that tend to create addictive behaviour include video games, foods, and even specific authors,
Suppose you are a blogger, entrepreneur, internet marketer or author. In that case, you can use addiction to your advantage, by getting all your readers to keep returning for your latest post, your brand new digital product or your latest published book.

Addiction Marketing And Your Business

In case you want to know, how can you build addiction into your products and services?

Well, the answer is that you have to try to meet as many as possible of the six human needs listed below as possible. The more of them you meet, the greater will be the addiction, and the more successful your campaign will be. 

  1. Certainty and security – people want to avoid pain and experience pleasure. For example, they want to know that they’ll have a steady income which means they won’t have to worry about money.
  2. Uncertainty and variety – this might sound like the opposite of point 1, but people also like to experience new things which bring positive changes into their lives.
  3. Significance – people also need to feel that they have some importance and a role to play in the world. If you’ve ever experienced a promotion at work, you’ll remember the feeling of getting that new job title.
  4. Connection and love – humans are essentially social beings which is why social media is so popular. We need that interaction with others. And online, you can provide that with things like forums and groups.
  5. Growth – if you aren’t growing, then you’re probably being left behind. So if you provide knowledge which allows others to expand their capability and understanding, then you’ll have a happy customer.
  6. Contribution – as well as improving their lot in life, people love to think that they’re helping others to improve their position too. One of the best ways to provide this need is to create a group or forum where people can help each other solve problems and hit targets.

If you can incorporate all 6 of these needs into a product, you’ll have something that is almost certainly going to be addictive to your customers.

Applying addiction strategy when creating products – Example

To clarify this, let’s work through an example for a digital marketer. Suppose you’re going to create a membership site that is going to share strategies on how to make money online.

Let’s see what that might look like:

Creating certainty and security within a membership site

For instance – if they learn how to make money online, they’ll have protection. To achieve an acceptable level of stability, you could show them the achieved results by other members of your site and highlight their successes. Social proof is a potent tool in many settings within your business. After all, if you can see that something has worked for others, you know it can work for you too.

Creating uncertainty and variety within a membership site

Here, you can add special bonuses and surprises in the member’s section to keep things interesting. Plus, you can run challenges and competitions. People love it when they receive unexpected compensation.

Creating significance within a membership site

It would be best if you made it a priority to have personal contact with individual members. They’ll appreciate it if you respond quickly to all communication with personalized answers. Doing this lets your members know how important they are to you and reminds them of what they can achieve by taking action on what they learn. In my experience, the people I respect most online are those who take the time to help me. That’s why I always try to help others in my business.

Adding connection and love to a membership website

A quick and easy way to do this is to set up a private Facebook page for the members of your site, for instance. Encourage members to visit regularly and post any questions they have – but also provide answers for others if they can. It shows members that they’re not alone and there’s someone available to help when needed.

Enabling growth within a membership website

You can create levels within your membership site that allows members to work through and feel recognized for each completed level. Something like this creates a feeling of both personal growth but also significance.

Allowing contributions within a membership site

In the forum or Facebook page, we encourage participation and support for fellow members. There is great satisfaction in sharing personal knowledge and helping fellow members.

These six human needs are the route you can follow to build addiction into your products, content and marketing. It’s not that difficult but will make a massive difference to your business. The more you incorporate them, people become addicted positively and can even possibly become your loyal customers for a lifetime.

Will you consider the above next time you create a product or service and get your customers addicted the right way?
It would be interesting to know if you found these ideas useful. If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments, and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Good luck!

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  1. Hello David,

    Thanks a bunch for sharing this very beautiful, well detailed and informative piece of information on best online marketing strategy with us. I am very happy I came across this because it contains all the valuable information one needs to hold on to when creating products.  This has to be the most concise step by step article I have come across. I would share this. 

  2. This is so thoughtful. Being addicted to the product you have to sell is a great way to go about making sales. As you said, people follow a brand and not the product. When people know you are addicted to a course., they easily follow you. They follow you and not the product. So making future sales is easier

  3. Thank you for opening my eyes to membership sites. I hadn’t thought of this before but reading it on your post made me realize this is an option.

    We need to keep our audience engaged. That’s not easy but after trial and error, it’s attainable. Thank you for giving us this perspective on our marketing strategy. I’ll try a few things from your post to see how they go for me.

  4. Thanks a lot for sharing in details this briliant topic on addiction marketing. Believe me if you had asked me about the best form of marketing I would have said Internet or affiliated marketing. Am hearing about the addictive marketing for the first time! It makes sense. After a customer goes though the buying process, the marketing activities is not yet done until the customer becomes a brand loyalist. That is when the business will boom. I will adopt this addictive marketing process.


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