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Wealthy Affiliate – Overview & Rating

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Founded: 2005

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Website URL: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Price: Starter Member (Free)

Premium membership has 2 payment options; ($49/month OR  $495/year = ($93 discount))

Overall rating: 95 out of 100

What is the truth about Wealthy Affiliate? (Insider’s Insights)

You must be wondering and eager to find out the truth about Wealthy Affiliate in this review—many search results when you look up anything relating to affiliate marketing show Wealthy Affiliate on search engines. The truth is, Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform for affiliate marketers. Although the training delivered is focused on affiliate marketing, those who want to learn online marketing when looking for ways to make money online do find some answers. 


Besides being an online training platform, essential resources that facilitate the training effects are also available within the membership platform. The most popular support is Jaaxy, a tool used by online marketers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs, including big companies, to gather keywords for SEO to rankings.

Now that you are aware of the above, here is a quick breakdown of;

The kind of training delivered at Wealthy Affiliate

The affiliate marketing business cycle:

An illustration of the affiliate marketing cycle

Here is a quick breakdown of the main components making up the above:

1. Choose a niche – this can be anything, preferably a hobby, an interest, or something you’re passionate about.

2. Build a website – they teach a step-by-step on how to create an affiliate marketing website. So, if you are not tech-savvy, Wealthy Affiliate got you covered.

3. Create content for your website – using white-hat methods, you learn how to attract web traffic to your site with the content you create.

4. Make money online – Get paid commission if you manage to generate a sale lead.

As illustrated, it appears to be a simple method that teaches how to make income online. More details relating to each component are available in training.

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Now you must be wondering; if this is the truth then,

What is the Wealthy Affiliate scam all about on Wealthy Affiliate reviews?

So that you know, most Wealthy Affiliate reviews you see are from Wealthy Affiliate members. If you take the time to read any of such reports, you will realise there is no scam at all. However, you may find minor complaints from those who could not achieve the desired outcome from the training in isolated cases, precisely when a person had signed up for the training expecting to make quick bucks. Which in this case, unfortunately, affiliate marketing is not a quick way to make money online. You put in the required amount of work.


Free membership – where is the catch?

Wealthy Affiliate’s free membership catch is in the decision making, whether to upgrade the starter membership to premium or not. As a newbie in this field, I find the training offered impressive that you can easily be left eager to learn more.

If a starter member can access the following free training lessons and find value in these, what could stop one from advancing to the next step?

See below the lessons you gain access to with a free membership account;

If you are considering learning to be an affiliate marketer, then Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent training platform for you.

Start with a free membership. If you find the training not worth your time and effort, you simply cancel or keep your profile for as long as you want.

By the way, anyone from any corner of the world is allowed to join Wealthy Affiliate. However, it is important to note; the following countries DO NOT have free membership; the only option available is the premium membership.

  • Nigeria
  • Vietnam
  • Philippines
  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Egypt
  • Kenya

Premium Membership – What’s So Special About It?

With premium membership, you gain full access to all the training lessons and an advanced version of Jaaxy.

Here is a quick comparison in summary between the free membership and the premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate, to give you an overview;

My general overview and overall experience with Wealthy Affiliate

Below is a list of things that sums up my personal experience with Wealthy Affiliate;

Things I like about Wealthy Affiliate

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  • The training itself is detailed in a manner that completely exceeded my expectations – task-based, simple and easy to follow through. However, it is what is covered in the training that took me by surprise.
  • Self-paced training – The follow-through training videos that can be re-watched anytime allows for flexibility. For that reason, anyone can easily benefit from being a member at Wealthy Affiliate; a student, the unemployed, a full-time employee, the retired, an aspiring entrepreneur; the list goes on. No inconveniences.
  • Support – No matter who you are or where you come from, you will always feel welcome. The support system is tremendous, and community members do their best to make everyone feel welcome.
  • Ideal network for like-minded people – the platform consists of like-minded people with varying expertise, all brought together by common but similar goals; to succeed online. I find the community members very helpful; no social judgments, only constructive criticism and support offered to help one another.
  • No spamming – I like the idea of not dealing with pop-up Ads from every corner of the platform. Strictly no advertising is allowed; Wealthy Affiliate is a clean platform.
  • Tools – the powerful keyword research tool, Jaaxy; I fell in love with it from the onset. Not only that, the idea of having all the essential resources located in one place makes Wealthy Affiliate a great platform to become part of.

What I do not like about Wealthy Affiliate

  • I find the environment a bit overwhelming for newbies due to information overload. But that does not take away from the quality of training and other worthy resources.
  • The potential lock-in issue is vital, with essential resources in a central location; one can have a bitter experience if they skip paying subscriptions. And that can only happen to a premium member, as starter members have free access.
  • Once you upgrade to premium, you can’t downgrade to starter membership. That said, if you intend to skip paying a subscription with a website built using their resources, make sure you follow the safeguard rules to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

Concerning issues

While Wealthy Affiliate teaches white-hat methods to make money online, if you’re interested, the affiliate route may not be for everyone.

Here is why;

1. Creating content for a website through writing– this route is not everyone’s cup of tea. For instance, someone who struggles to use this method to communicate effectively may not prefer this.

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2. Putting yourself out there for the world – not everyone is comfortable doing that. It requires a lot of courage.

Important to note

The concerning issues are not meant to scare anyone away but are the heads-up of what goes on inside. So should you decide to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate, be forewarned and be prepared. But most importantly, go in with an open mind.

To do a test run with the free membership account, create an account here.

FAQs and other related questions

Q. Where is wealthy affiliate login?

Answer. You cannot log in to Wealthy Affiliate if you are not a member. To gain access to the platform, sign-up here.

Q What is Wealthy Affiliate’s Bootcamp

Answer. It is a niche-focused training course; exclusive to wealthy affiliate members.

Q What is Wealthy Affiliate’s Bootcamp all about

Answer. It is a spin-off training that runs in parallel with the main training course offered at Wealthy Affiliate. The focus is to teach wealthy affiliate members how to promote Wealthy affiliate products.

Q. What is Wealthy Affiliate’s premium membership

Answer. It is the fellowship of paying members of Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate has two types of members; 1. Non-paying subscribers are free/starter members, and 2. Paying subscribers are premium members. Premium members pay to gain full access to the total service package delivered by Wealthy Affiliate.


I have many reasons to believe that Wealthy Affiliate is a safe and incredible online training platform for affiliate marketing. And here’s the pro tip if you want to make money online; the mastery of the lessons, the effort you put in, and the quality of content you produce determines whether you succeed online or not.

What I have witnessed,

Within the Wealthy Affiliate platform, I have seen a good number of testimonials from members who are succeeding with affiliate marketing, although some end up giving up. So that you know, Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme; it is a training platform, ideally, for digital marketers or anyone who wants to learn clean methods of earning online. And you put in the much-needed work to succeed.

Please share your thoughts; feel free to leave a comment below. I would also love to hear from you.

11 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review | Things You Should Know”

  1. Hi there, 

    Thank you for publishing this great review on Wealthy Affiliate. As a member myself, I have to say that it has been one of the best decisions of my life. Not only does it teach you everything about becoming an affiliate, but it actually shows you the ropes of building your own brand and business. This is very valuable. 


  2. Thanks for sharing this review of Wealthy Affiliate and the things I should know. From your review so far, Wealthy Affiliate has proven to be the best place to learn how to set up a profitable business online. However, I am thinking how possible it would be to make money with a music lyrics website. How possible is that?


    • Included in the training program, they teach the techniques of monetizing a website which is something you can learn for your music lyrics site. As to the possibilities of making money, I already covered that aspect in my conclusion.
      All the best

  3. I must tell this definitely not a get rich quick scheme, it takes A LOT of work,You need to be comfortable with doing a lot of work for 6 months and not get paid a dime. That is not something that many people can follow through with. But it is, unfortunately part of the process, and it can lead to very satisfying results later on.and all this cannot be achieved if there is no proper knowledge of the site..and I think this article has really revealed all the must know part of wealthy affiliates.but I would like to ask I paid for premium membership directly can some still make money with the free membership?

    • To your question and based on my personal experience, the free membership like any other free account gives one a basic understanding and a glimpse of what to expect. So if one is brilliant in mastering and applying the basics; I don’t see a reason such goals can be impossible to achieve. But hey, that’s just my opinion and anyone (apart from those in countries mentioned)  is allowed to do a test run.

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for providing this Wealthy Affiliate review, I joined Wealthy Affiliate about 10 years back as a free member and remember I was really impressed with the program at the time. Sadly I wasn’t in a position to commit the required team to make a success of my online business.

    I’m now in a position where I can commit full time to my idea, I remember before that Jaaxy was an additional purchase tool before, it looks like it’s now part of your subscription price, is that correct?

    • Hi Nate

      Yes, Jaaxy is now included in subscriptions and I could picture many changes that have been effected since 10 years back. Since you are now prepared to bounce back, all the best!


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