The Digital Marketing Launchpad Review

After trying out various methods of making money online, The Digital Marketing Launchpad Authors also took time to learn how to create, market, and sell digital products online. So if you’ve been battling to develop a digital product, let alone struggling to decide what digital product to create and sell online, you got to check out this review.

The Digital Marketing Launchpad Overview

Product type: eBook

Book Title: The Digital Marketing Launchpad

Authors: David Lightbody & Heidi Anderson

Launch Date: 27 November 2019

Overall Rating: 4/5 Stars

I found this book by coincidence. On a perfect day, I logged in and spotted an inviting blog article by a fellow community member. The post welcomed those interested in weighing in their opinions on the first draft of the Book in question. 

As you’re probably guessing right now, 

I was among the first to get the final copy of The Digital Marketing Launchpad as of the day the book was released. Therefore, I’ve read the final version, and here’s my last thought on the edition in the form of a review.

What is The Digital Marketing Launchpad about, and who is it for?

The Digital Marketing Launchpad in this review is all about how to create, market, and sell your digital products without spending a dime. So if you’re interested in product creation, this is for you.

The authors back up their underlying principle of using free tools to demonstrate that one doesn’t need to spend a fortune to make money. So take note of the word need. And if your goal is to take calculated risks when taking chances with product creation for the first time, read on.

Now, let’s see if the Book illuminates what it promises.

What to expect if you buy into The Digital Marketing Launchpad

Expect a downloadable book in PDF, with four sections that make up 89 pages. Here is the breakdown in segments:

Section 1 covers how to create your digital marketing products.

Section 2 gives you a range of free tools to create your digital products.

Section 3 teaches how to market your products with free traffic strategies.

Section 4 covers Free ways to sell your digital products.

What digital product can you create?

You need to know what product to create, why you create it, and for whom. So relax. The Digital Marketing Launchpad covers this aspect with clues. The Authors combined the elements of finding a hot topic, choosing a niche, and considering when doing so. I learned quite a few hacks here, so thumbs up.


The remainder of section one drills into the troubleshooting steps and techniques to develop your product idea. It starts with finding the problems to solve, researching questions and compiling answers into a digital information product. 

In short,

I honour the brilliant manual research techniques and strategies the authors outlined. This portion of section one is an eye-opener. It simplifies the manual process of finding information about unfamiliar niches. Much easier than I initially thought.

Are there reliable free tools to create digital products?

Yes, The Digital Marketing Launchpad provides a list of recognisable free option tools and some software to get you started with creating digital products. Plus, You also learn some hacks on how to use each tool the Authors suggest.


To be completely transparent in this review, I haven’t tried all the tools provided in The Digital Marketing Launchpad to assert that they’re entirely free or if free versions do exactly what the authors promise.

On the flip side,

I identified a handful of free tools and some software I already use/have used for content creation. Although advanced versions are optional, the trial/unpaid versions still do a decent job. If your goal is to make an essential product with basic features, this validates the word “need” in The Digital Marketing Launchpad’s underlying principle of using free tools. 

Are the free traffic strategies outlined to market products online for free sustainable?

As with most accessible options, inherent limitations always require an upgrade to overcome. The same applies when using free traffic methods to market products online. For instance, as your business goals change, you may want to broaden your knowledge through online courses/mentorship programs, or use advanced tools to achieve more rewarding results.


The unrestricted strategies you get here are in line with The Digital Marketing Launchpad’s purpose. In this case, the authors remained consistent with providing free traffic marketing solutions to get you started.

Can I sell digital products online for free?

Yes, there are free ways to sell a digital product online. The last section of The Digital Marketing Launchpad details the three things that facilitate selling your digital product online, from creating a sales page to creating sales copies on sales pages, right to the free means of taking payments for your products. This last section requires a website; you’ll obtain all the information you need here.

As I Reflect on my review, this Book ticks all the boxes.

Why I rated The Digital Marketing Launchpad 4 stars

I gave a 4 star to The Digital Marketing Launchpad instead of 5; here’s why;

Note: I haven’t personally tested all the tools to validate the authors’ claims that you can create, market, and sell a digital product without spending a penny, 

This takes us to,

Provided the tools in The Digital Marketing Launchpad are free to use; it takes someone who already has a computer and free internet access to try this. Otherwise, the contrary would invalidate the Book’s full subtitle, which claims one can create, market and sell digital products without spending money.

How much does The Digital Marketing Launchpad cost?

The price of this e-book as of the review date is $67. To obtain the up-to-date price and info on bonuses that come with it, visit the official sales page.

Where to buy The Digital Marketing Launchpad

Anyone can buy this E-book directly from the official website.


Apart from the suggested free tools and all the hacks on how to use each recommended tool, the strategies and techniques presented in The Digital Marketing Launchpad provide an excellent framework to adopt when creating any product. Ideally, for Rookie online entrepreneurs, digital Marketers, or someone interested in Learning how to create digital information products. If any of this is your goal, this could be the golden guide to get you started and make your dream a reality.

Overall Score

The Digital Marketing Launchpad


Product Availability


Process Complexity





  • All-in-one guide that teaches how to create, market, and sell a digital product
  • An excellent framework for creating any product
  • This guide is Beginner-friendly


  • The free route may not be completely free if you don't have a computer and free internet access

26 thoughts on “The Digital Marketing Launchpad Review”

  1. Hey thank you for the awesome post!! I really enjoyed reading it because I have been needing to work on my digital marketing. I have a website, but have no clue on how to set up and run a digital market.  This book seems like it would be very helpful and it’s a decent price. 

    • You’re welcome, Jessie

      It appears The Digital Marketing Launchpad is exactly the guide that you need. Although it does not detail the steps of setting up a website, it does point you to a place where you can learn the basics for free. For digital marketing, you will find the tools you need for creating graphics, videos and audio files too, among other things.

  2. Digital products is something I had been looking into creating for some time. But it seems like a pretty involved process. I hope that this eBook will demystify all of that.

    When we say “digital products” can you tell me whether this ebook focuses on Amazon Kindle eBooks and Google Play Books?

    • Well, to your question, the Authors did mention kindle on page 73 in section 3, but not Google Play. And the info they provide relating to kindle books is directed towards marketing strategies, so I don’t think that will answer your question the way I understand it. Since I have never dealt with any of those platforms in terms of selling my products, I don’t think I can provide a proper solution to your question. But, I will refer you to the Authors’ sales page. You will find a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions with answers.
      I hope you to find the right answer to yours.
      Good Luck

  3. Very good review. You did a comprehensive investigation and it shows in your final conclusion. Thank you for highlighting the details of the content of the e-book in a summarized manner. it gives the potential new customer a good overview from which to make a decision. Might just try out the book myself. 

    • You’re welcome
      This review is my first; for a book so to say. And I had to dig deeper to obtain info on how to go about to present the review in a more informative way 🙂
      I’m glad you noticed

  4. Digital marketing is a fun means of making money online going by the demand of these products by the public which is increasing by the day. Truly online businesses need proper training and it seems this ebook  is promising to deliver exactly what is needed. Thanks for this review. Best regards.

  5. Digital marketing is a fun thing and a very efficient means to passing information across to people. There is need to go digital in so many cases because not everyone can settle enough to read a physical  book but having it in a digital form would aid easy access to information. This launchpad is a real complete package considering all it entails to help anyone be able to go digital easily. Cheers

  6. I really like this post here and I must say they are of really of great value considering their price. I also feel that anyone would value it and this, and because of the added advantage of using it moving my digital marketing upward. Atleast, everything would be according to planning. Great post you have shared and I really fancy it a lot. Thank you so much for sharing here.

  7. Thanks for sharing this post about the digital marketing launchpad review, it’s a very good community every marketer might wanna be on, I registered on the site about some months ago and I was guided how to sell and market a digital product which also helped me in my personal business this is a site every online marketer should get on, thanks 

  8. Excellent article on Digital Marketing. I would like to study it in detail. I was looking for a post that contained all the information I needed but also some personal testimonials to see if it was worth it. You rate it 4 out of 5 stars and that is very promising.

  9. Oh, looks like a very good book that I should try because this review explains vividly what this ebook is about. You know, I have been thinking about creating my own digital product and selling it to people because I heard it’s AA good way to make money right now online. For the price, it’s a catch and I will have to take advantage of it. Thanks

  10. I have been fortunate enough to read this e-book previously, now I am re-reading and leaving a much earned comment. 

    I have been intrigued for some time about “digital Marketing” but am almost ashamed to admit I knew very little about it. This e-book took me from scratch and through to the launch of products. (and beyond) I was able to master each and every chapter in my own time and at my own pace. I am still learning about Digital Marketing but feel the advice and clear message will reap dividends for some considerable time. I feel this e-book is a book that will keep on giving. (sorry for the cliche) 

    Previously I found that during my research phase the more I researched and discovered  the more I needed to learn, far from learning more I found the mountain I was climbing was just getting steeper. It was and can be a veritable minefield. I have also previously been frustrated at the ever increasing costs that have been required when I follow a “mentors” route.  Yet here is an e-book offering  “how to”  without the usual premium or affiliate links, (and the “you need to upgrade now if you want success”) Their e-book offered so much more, it offered walking the minefield without the risks…

    I am super impressed by the Authors, Heidi and Dave. 


    • And to think that most people struggle with the “know-how” part of creating a product; the authors laid a good foundation (in my opinion)

      Best wishes, Codelia 🙂

  11. I think this is a very fair review of Digital Marketing Launchpad. I have this e-book too and found it very practical as I haven’t known at least half of the tools mentioned in it, if not more. Especially regarding audio and videos, the information was very useful for me.
    I personally haven’t tried all the tools neither so I can’t confirm everything but I believe the authors had no reason to lie whether an app or a tool is free or not. In my opinion this e-book is worth buying for everyone who wants to know how to avoid spending a lot of money while creating and selling their digital product. 

  12. Thanks for this post on the digital marketing launchpad review, I got on the site as a member about some months ago and it has really been a great community, they teach how to sell and market digital products which really is very enlightening and an interactive, the site is affordable and easy to set up, thanks so much 

  13. Wow, this digital marketing launchpad looks like a very good book that also gives access to some very good tools too that one can actually make the best of it. I feel the need to tap into this as soon as possible. Looking at the price, it is very easy for me to say that it is of great value. I will need to get some very good time and space to digest the content of this ebook. Thank you!


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