The Compact Guide To Free Websites For Non-Tech People

If you’re a non-tech person, questions arise when building free websites. Because a website is free, this doesn’t mean they’re no costs involved. And yes, you don’t spend a dime initially, but there are many reasons you could end up paying—either cash or another form. If the idea of having a website excites you and a free option appeals to you, you got to know what the stakes are. Some costs are triggered by ignorance.

So, let’s dig into the elements.

What is a free website?

In simple terms, a free website means you won’t get charged to build and maintain a website. In other words, you get a free domain name, free web hosting, free web design templates, and there won’t be maintenance fees as per the offer. But there’re bound to be limitations for every free thing.

For that reason,

Different platforms with website builders (e.g. Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and many more) offer free websites and sell related services. Therefore, a website builder plays a significant role in creating a website.


What are free website builders?

Website builders are software used to create websites a lot easier for non-tech. Such software becomes a free website builder if the provider allows you to make your website using their automated system for free. A Domain name, Website hosting and Content Management system (e.g. WordPress) are buzzwords for website creation.

When you think of how web developers bind these elements to make a website, the process is intimidating, precisely when you have no coding or programming knowledge.

But in this case,

By following instructions, you can click, fill out web forms, drag and drop elements and have a functional website in minutes without coding or programming skills. As for designing, For instance, setting up and designing a WordPress website is as simple as figuring out your mobile phone settings.

Not everyone finds the experience debatable; hence Settings and designs can also get complicated. Sometimes you end up needing someone to walk you through the process. A training platform usually becomes relevant (which could mean additional costs if the walkthrough is a paid service.)

However, website builders differ, so you need to know which free version fits your needs before spending.

Which free website builder is best?

Choosing gets confusing when there are many options. To know which free website builder is suitable for you depends on what you want to achieve. In this case, consider what you get for free that comes with a website builder. Here we look at things that make up a website.

  • Domain name
  • Web hosting services
  • Design templates and elements
  • Support

Although you do end up with a free website, there will always be limitations when determining which free website builder is best. It’s easier if the focus goes to what you can do after website installation—for instances, setting up, designing, and editing. Since you’re reading this to get clarity, you can go through a detailed review of a website builder to get the hang of what to look out for when building a website. Then you can set grounds for comparison when testing free options. Web builder providers place restrictions for free websites.


Without web hosting, your website won’t be visible on the internet. Although other factors add to the site’s visibility, web hosting enables internet users to access your website.

What is free website hosting?

Website hosting services providers allocate space for your site in their hosting servers. You get free website hosting if they don’t charge you for the location.


Free hosting doesn’t mean you get related services for free. Providers decide. You may not get free assistance for the website security, loading speed or accommodating more web visitors at any given moment. These are a few examples of website hosting services.

In a way, web hosting controls how internet users interact with your website when using the internet system. Often, restrictions imposed on free websites are not attractive.

Are free websites any good?

The answer to whether free websites are any good or not is subjective. After all, free websites are not just made for no reason.

When they do matter;


A free website builder is best for testing. Ideally when you’ve never built a site using an automated builder. If you have, then you’re trying out new platforms, features and services for comparison. It depends on the offer. Each provider determines free, thereby imposing restrictions.

Let’s look at what those restrictions are to help you figure out what to look out for When you accept a free offer. Once you decide to build a free website, expect these types of restrictions that could end up adding a payment to the initial zero cost.

Trial version

For instance, could offer weeks to a one-year free trial and after that, you start paying. You can expect this form of arrangement from a platform that provides related services as the main business.


However, Platforms’ terms of use differ as I’ve already mentioned. These are usually companies that ask for your payment details as you register to build a free website. The situation can go South if you only registered to dip your toes to experience using a trial account with no intention of going all in.

Suppose you forget to cancel the subscription that triggers payment automation at the end of the trial period. That way, you could end up paying for a website you don’t need.

A free website for commercial use using a freemium version

When building a commercial use website, there are many things to consider, especially with a free website. Irrespective of whether you simply want a landing page to display your company details or an eCommerce shop. With a free version, you don’t get all the premium privileges or features that make business websites look credible.

Although you can pull off professional-looking designs with settings using free resources (e.g. free plugins and apps), you can’t change some elements without spending.

Everyday appeals to that matter;

Imagine an online shop with a watermark. These are websites with subdomains.

Here’s an example in the case of Shopify and inherited subdomain name (myshopify).

This is another way of saying this is a temporary website, and it can disappear anytime. Some free websites you might get with unrelated Ads that interfere with user experience. A website like that could sabotage your efforts to achieve business goals in many ways. For instance, the trust in your shopping carts gets compromised. Even business-related emails from an email address that isn’t domain name specific could end up in the spam box.

In other words, for commercial use, a free website isn’t ideal. And you might find it necessary to spend on a domain name, premium hosting services, and sometimes even on technical assistance to advance settings for flexibility. It’s up to you to display your professionalism, starting with a website. But again, if you’re cool with a free website because it serves the purpose, then you carry on doing business.

A free website for personal goals

You could build a free website for self-empowerment or other personal gains if not for business. But people usually create websites in an attempt to beef up their pockets. If your goal is to make money out of this, you’ll have to consider many things.

For instance,

What can you create that is of value, from nothing? Here you may think of an online portfolio or a blog. However, to make money, You may want to upgrade the site to establish trust or upskill yourself through online courses to understand how websites make money.

Where can I learn to build a website for free?

There are various platforms where you can learn to build a website for free. But first, be clear about your goals for the site. This helps you decide what type of website to build using free tools. So if you want free training for practice, then it would be best to find a training platform relevant to the type of website you want to build.

The wrap-up

Here are some things to consider while working on a free website. These pointers go a long way to enabling growth strategies while eventually deciding if it’s necessary to upgrade your site to the paid version.

    • Ease to use – interface complexity of the Content Management System and support
    • Integration options with other apps or plugins – for enhancements and future expansion.
    • Design options – available templates and elements for web designing
    • Optimisation for the search engines – key elements for website visibility and online competition.
    • Data portability – how content displays across various devices
    • Cost – value for money

Are you getting confused by many Ads? Try this free website builder then compare it with other OK-known best free website builders in the industry.


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