Start A Business With A Full-Time Job | How To Secure Both Online

Starting a business with a full-time job requires a positive mindset and preparation to handle both. If you choose to prioritise the 9 to 5 position, find the loopholes that could stop you from realising your dream of having a business and stuff those immediately. What loopholes? And how do you press them with a busy schedule from 9 to 5? You ask.

Think of;

Not starting a business on a budget…what are the consequences?

Here are the worst situations in “once had a job.”

Whether the case of not having a job would be due to your decision to quit or not, anyone can find themselves in any of the scenarios listed below; if they become jobless with no clear plans and preparations for starting a business.

Do you have a robust career portfolio you can’t use to run a business?

It happens all the time. Companies also have interests to protect. The trade secrets can prevent you from engaging in similar activities or beginning the same business line as your current employer. An entrepreneur who vigorously assessed all the threats relating to his company would find ways to protect his assets.

If you’re an employee, you could spend years building your career and acquiring the knowledge to operate a business, yet find yourself with years of experience you can’t use to start your own business.

Of course, if you’re not aware of the terms of your employment contract. After all, you wouldn’t want to be in turmoil about starting over a new career as an adult. Moreover, close to retirement or after.

Do you have startup capital without knowing how to set up and operate a business?

It’s possible to build large sums of reserves for a business startup as an employee. If you’re not reckless in spending, you could clear all your debts and have a good standing credit record. That can allow you to create working capital and stay prepared for emergencies. It’s a good start for a business-minded person.

But guess what, a business idea and startup capital is an insufficient reason to start a business. The know-how is critical too. It takes time and a lot of errors to master the art of becoming a successful entrepreneur. You learn from your or others’ mistakes.

Some errors can be way too costly that they can ultimately erode your reservations as you try to master the skills without other sources of income. You could end up in worse off situations.

Do you have money without concrete plans for business?

You either blow the money or lose it in trial and error. And if you fall into this category. Here is how it usually goes.

The desire to start a business is there, but the thought is only triggered by what you see or hear—no efforts on your side to pursue. When the day comes to put the tools down, you think of setting up a business. Of course, you always had that idea in mind. But, as a casual thought.

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Remember, you’re not broke in this situation. So, you cash out your policies and compile your reserves, viola; you have enough money to set up a business you think. How much money? What kind of business? Maybe you do have enough funds let’s see how that pans out.

As you compile the list of the things you need to set plans into motion, you realise there is a lot required to get your business off the ground. Maybe, even the money you have isn’t enough to cover half the things you need. Ring a bell? The panic mode, you need more money Asap! You go to the bank to acquire a loan.

Unfortunately, a bank won’t fund a business that hasn’t taken off. Produce the financials first. Plus if you’re no longer employed with no other sources of income, how will you repay the debt if your plan flops? Fast forward; you knew or didn’t, how that was going to end?. There goes your dream unless the universe somehow gives you a second chance in finances.

Do you have a solid business plan, no startup funds and don’t know how to run a business?

That was my idea s/he stole from me. I’ve heard that before; from those who had lost their brilliant business ideas to those with money or knowledge.

Without a job or other income streams that can enable you to counter your shortcomings, such things can happen to you if you try to negotiate business partnerships or try to enter into contracts with only a plan and nothing else. You sell yourself short. What else can you contribute to the connection apart from the idea?

How to start a business with a full-time job

The following will ease the pressure and help with the preparation.

Study your employment contract in detail

Do that to identify any clauses in the contract that indicate a restraint of trade. Engage a corporate lawyer or seek clarity from the company’s HR team if you have to. It doesn’t end here, any future contracts relating to a shift in your job description or position, business negotiations contracts with associates in the supply chain; can contain such clauses too. So keep that in check. That way, you’ll know where you stand and make appropriate plans for the future.

Detach personalised interests and passion from your employment.

That involves eliminating using your current job title and a position branded with the name of the company you work for in employment. Those things can give you an unfair advantage if you use them in your private dealings. The downside is that such can also challenge your ego or compromise your relationships once you isolate it all.

Whatever you do unrelated to your job, separate the involvement from your current employer. Not only will that help you avoid future legal conflicts with your employer as you form your own company; it also make you aware how the world operates once you become “a nobody”.

Acquire additional skills with your business in mind

With a busy schedule from 9 to 5, the last thing one needs is another hour or two of additional stress or anxiety. All you need is therapy. That comes in various forms. By the way, what is it that you want to achieve? In this case;

The solution

Side hustle learning how to make money online with a website. Do it right here.

So, go ahead and create that website in WordPress, not just any website without clear directions. Wet your fingers to the experience with a free trial account below:

Wait, what website? you wonder


Make time to prepare for rainy days. You can have fun while doing it.

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  1. I was too intimidated to start a website for a long time. I didn’t know the first thing about hosting, or coding, or even creating content. I was SO glad to find wealthy affiliate. The training was easy to follow, and clear – with just the right amount of detail. I am so happy I found this website and program!

    • Creating a website can be very intimidating if you’re not tech savvy. But with a walk through training, anyone can enjoy doing it. I’m glad you had the courage to fight your way through out that intimidation.
      Best wishes to you!

  2. Thank you for this very helpful post. I did not know much about full-time job and I appreciate these details. I think from your other post, Building website without product is a great way to get traffic and benefit from them and I like this will really help me to earn full time income. 

    • You’re welcome. Despite not knowing about the full-time job, once you’ve achieved your goal, it will all come together. Don’t lose courage.
      All the best!

  3. Hello, Indeed, it helps to have part time work beside our full time job. No one knows the stability of their job. A few days, my friend lost his job because he is now not medically fit. I feel sad for him because he doesn’t have a part time business. Now he also doesn’t have a job. I am offering him Wealthy affiliate but his English is not good. I hope he will work on it and become successful via wealthy affiliate. . Thanks for giving time to writing such a useful post for everyone.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your friend. There is a variety of apps that can help him practice if English language is the barrier. Again, with your suggestion to him and with a starter account, he can even use his native language to create content for his website. If he wants to reach to an English speaking audience, there are plugins that can help translate his original content on his website to other languages. I wish him well. Thank you for sharing. A problem shared is a problem solved.
      All the best

  4. hello, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this.i wish i had come across this article earlier. i quit my job some months back and i would have been able to keep it and work on the side too.

    • Sure, you would have and you can still fix it if you believe you made an error. You know, one more thing I find fascinating is that even with a too tight schedule, one can make use of freelances too.

      Thanks for the compliment 

      I wish you well

  5. Starting a business while you’re still working full-time can also afford you many luxuries and securities. From the obvious advantage of having a steady income to fund your new venture to additional benefits, such as being forced to focus only on what delivers the highest impact and lessening the pressure on yourself, I’ve personally experienced positive benefits from launching while working and yes it’s possible to secure both. 

    • You’re going places with that mindset. Stick to it and you’ll be among the happiest.

      I’m thankful to hear about your experiences 

      All the best

  6. Hey. I know that problem. I have a full time job, 2 kids and I started a blog buisness. of course, lack of time was my biggest issue.  And what i did? After my kids went asleep – I didn’t move to TV but I went to sleep too, so I could walk up easily at 5 am and start to work for 2 hours before my kids were up.

    • That was an innovative way of achieving your goal. It is brilliant and admires your courage. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
      All the best

  7. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I must thank you for such a helpful post. I used to work. At the moment, I quit my job. And I am currently starting a business. I studied my business well before starting it  and separated my personal interests and passions from my employment. I acquired additional skills in keeping with the business .Long before I started this business. I learned about it because I had seen many people failing to start a business due to lack of proper planning and knowledge. Currently, I’m making money by building websites and selling products to them, and that has really helped me earn full-time revenue. 

    Lastly, I hope that through your articles, everyone will gain a lot of knowledge and will certainly share their new experiences .

    • You’re a good observer and I adore your point of view of the world. The mindset of not wanting to fall into the same rabbit hole as the tried and failed, will help you escape many failures in life. You keep at it! All the best

  8. When you have a full-time job, it is hard to find the extra time and will power to spend all your off hours working on your part-time job. If you are earning enough income, it will be even harder as you won’t feel that you have to work part-time.

    I think part-time work on the side suits people better who are either desperate to get out of their current employment or desperate to earn a better income and improve their lifestyle. This is what gets you motivated to get that side business off of the ground in the long run.

    • Thank you for sharing your insights.  Having gone through some comments of people who have done it and succeeded, it appears the motivator factor is a subjective topic for discussion when it comes to what drives people to look for business opportunities, even with other sources of income. Things such as;

      1. The desire to not be managed

      2. The ability to innovate by identifying pitfalls from other people’s life challenges  and finding ways of avoiding such,

      3. Including that you have mentioned, the desperation to escape unwanted lifestyles

      It’s refreshing to hear from other’s experiences. 

      Thanks a lot, 

      And all the best!

  9. You nailed the point on the head, having startup capital and business idea is not enough, you need to acquire the tech-know how. In fact the most important thing is the know how; I started a business after I left my paying job in 2016, before 2018 the business had folded up. In fact the business practically died in 2017, I manage to bury the carcass of my business in 2018. Two things were missing technical Know-how and interest.

    • The process of acquiring the know-know to start and drive business can derail the interest to pursue if one has limited resources. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I picked a few golden nuggets from your story.

      I wish you well in your ventures

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  11. A couple of years before I had a full-time job and I started my online business part-time. It was very challenging since I used to work for 12+ hours a day and 6 days a week. However, I wanted to be my own boss and invested 3-4 hours a day and invest more time on Sundays.

    My website started to gain traction and I started to earn money from my website. I made my first sales after 5 months and it motivated me and I invested more time. After a few months around the one year mark, I was able to generate 70% of my day job income via my online business by working part-time.

    So I decided to quit my day job and started focusing on my online business full-time since December 2017. Being our own boss is a blessing.

    Thanks for the Great inspiring post! This has to be motivating, not only for me but also for many others. How I wish I had found your post sooner when I first started! I had to go through the old way of trial & error as you indicated on your 3rd article.

    • As challenging as it appears to had been, the desire to financial independence kept you self-driven no matter the circumstances. It melts my heart to learn about such stories, and I’m glad to hear you eventually achieved your goal. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences.

  12. Hi there, thank you for providing some tips on how to start a business with a full-time job. This is really useful for people even those who just graduated from uni, or those that are currently unemployed. A full-time job secures the income which allows us to support our family and our beloved ones. You then find a job you are really interested in so that you can continue doing it for your entire life. 

    Thank you for the great post, I’ll share it with my friends. 

    • Yes, family and our loved ones bring joys to our lives. Without joy, life can be meaningless even with lots of money. And to keep them happy while enjoying life with them, one needs to find ways of earning which are less stressful as you indicate with the word “interested”. I adore the way you care for your loved ones.

      All the best

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  14. it’s True, it really helps a lot to have an Extra/part-time job besides our normal 9-5 job. It is uncertain if you’re staying for another year in your current job. Stability is not guaranteed! 

    Your article offers a good insight into what to think next while being in your current work. Building a website with strong content will eventually gain you traffic and hence you get an extra income that you have never even thought of. It’s enlightening, to say the least.

    Really helpful, I enjoyed reading it. 

    • The unknown to living approach, if only stability was guaranteed. I adore your approach to life and thanks for dropping your insights and with appreciation.

      I wish you well

  15. Dear Aspiring Entrepreneur

    This is a critical topic about how to start a business even when one already has a 9-5 job. I grappled with this idea for so long (7 years) and tried to start businesses out of my tight work schedule- but unfortunately, they all used to collapse. I was unable to detach my passion at work and use that spare time to cater to my businesses.

    I finally had to quit my job so that I can dedicate all my time to grow at least one solid business. I’m only a few months out, and so the dream is yet to be realized. I do not have a business plan as yet, but through your article, I’ve known that it is a wrong footing. At least I have a website.

    • The approach and the preparation steps one takes can make or mar their efforts when trying to handle both the job and the business  at the same time. If you go full swing on both, you are  bound to trip on one end without proper planning. Go easy on the business by building the foundation as you go full swing at your employment. I find it reasonable and easier to adapt  in that sense. Starting with a website, something one can easily manage and make use of freelance work if the day job  schedule is too tight.

      To the bright side, You have a website; I’m rooting for you to  make the most of it. Starting by learning how to monetize it.

      I wish you well!


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