SiteRubix Website Builder Review | Is It Right For Your Needs?

Building a stunning website in seconds has gained popularity these days. No coding or website designing skills are required. You click through instructions, and that’s it; your Website will be up and running without you breaking a sweat. But, since there’re many website builders out there, choosing the right one for what you want to achieve sometimes turn out to be a costly challenge. So, is the Siterubix website builder an excellent choice for your dream website or not? Let’s get to the review.

SiteRubix Overview

Website Builder Name: SiteRubix

Website address:

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Price: Basic Free.

Premium @$49/month all-inclusive as at review date (see details in the review)

Overall rating overview:

How Is Siterubix different from other website builders?

You’re building a website even without qualifying technical skills when using SiteRubix. Moreover, it’s inexpensive. This online application has everything you need and more to build a website without programming or web designing skills. If you can read or listen and follow the click-through instructions, you’ll be good to go.

Check out the following.

Building a website in SiteRubix + Domain names selection

The steps to building a website in Siterubix (an extract):

Just as you see,

After filling out all relevant fields, you build a website by tapping on the “build it” button. And your Website will be ready for setup in minutes in WordPress. Then, you get step-by-step training to set it up within the hosting platform.

Inside WordPress;

Domain name options in Siterubix

The system gives you three options for choosing domain names (essential to note)—a domain name, meaning, the name of your Website. For instance, should you type the URL on a browser.

Their options permit you to;

Build a website using a free domain name.

That is mainly suitable for starters who want to experiment or experience building a website without spending a dime. But anyone can also take advantage of this free option. After all, you can use free SiteRubix websites for as long as you want.

The catch

You don’t own that Website, just like a rented property. Plus, your domain name will have a SiteRubix extension—for instance,

If you want a website, you will own it; by moving your SiteRubix Website to your domain name.

They give you two additional options;

Use a domain name you purchased elsewhere.

Places such as Godaddy, Namecheap, basically, any place you can buy domain names. As long as you are permitted to transfer the title to a diverse host network to power your Website (more on hosting later), you can use such domains to build a website in Siterubix.

Next option, you can also,

Purchase a domain name inside Siterubix

The Wealthy Affiliate training platform powers Siterubix. In addition, their domain names come with extra benefits that make SiteRubix website builder savvy. From other domain name sellers, one would pay for these additional services.

Domain name services are all-inclusive at SiteRubix, as shown above. That includes site health check, SSL Certificate (the security lock next to the URL), WhoIs is protection, unlimited email accounts, catching and more. That allows you to build websites, manage emails, manage domains, and streamline your business in one hosting platform.

What type of Websites can you create with Siterubix?

All websites that you build using Siterubix comes with WordPress preinstalled.

That said,

You can think of any type you can build using the content management system (CMS). They range from a simple blogging website, membership sites, eCommerce shops, platforms similar to Facebook, all the way, including significant business websites.

But only if you know how to set up such types of sites.

What you need to know;

To get the most of the SiteRubix website builder, you need to accept the baggage, and it comes with limitations.

SiteRubix’s baggage

Wealthy Affiliate, a training platform for affiliate marketers, powers SiteRubix (you’ve already seen it on the above image). That’s where you get the Training to build a website in using SiteRubix.

The limitations to it

Since the platform is for affiliate marketers; yup, you guessed that right. Unless you know how to set up other types of websites in WordPress, you’ll learn to build a website that fits in the affiliate marketing framework.

What you get from using Siterubix and the platform

Apart from the hosting services offered, should you decide to build your Website using SiteRubix website builder, you gain instant access to;

– An affiliate marketing training course

– The top-notch multipurpose keyword research tool, Jaaxy

– Online Interactions with over 2million community members within the training platform. Then you can benefit from crowdsourcing.

Siterubix’s hosting framework

Websites hosted at Siterubix runs on a Managed WordPress hosting service network.


The host company, Siterubix, manages the critical technical aspects of running a website in WordPress. Imagine if you were to handle the following functional elements on your own; you’ll have to hire skilled professionals. That can cost you a fortune.

Functional elements,

They take care of your website security, website speed, website reliability, and website support, among other things. In addition, using SiteRubix, you interact directly with the WordPress experts, with no technical front liners when needing technical help. I find this convenient as it cuts off delays when reporting technical queries, improving your chances of finding proper solutions to your questions.

The low down to it;

How the SiteRubix managed WordPress hosting platform operate

As with any managed WordPress platform, they pride security, speed, reliability and support as their primary goal to become the industry’s leaders. So, let’s see if they live up to their pride as I go in-depth with this review of their services.

Website security

Every website owner operates in fear of cyber attacks, ransom website takeovers, information security, and any form of online threats you can think of that can cause anxiety to the site owner or those that negatively affect the targeted end-users. Of course, provided your Website is not for malicious purposes.

Which in this case,

Siterubix secures both the website owner and the end-users. So when using SiteRubix, make sure the Website you build is for a good cause; otherwise, the owners will deprive you of their services (Some countries don’t have access to a free plan for such reasons).

With Siterubix, security measures are at the server level. Meaning, cyber attackers will have to crack their host network first before penetrating your Website. So, rest assured knowing there’s an army of online security experts guarding your website day and night.


Although owners somehow guarantee that form of tight security, that doesn’t stop some cyber attackers from trying their luck. You know a more robust strike can hit the target, and it takes an expert to prevent that from happening. Well, they are the experts.

The number of failed hacking attempts according to the owners:

That said,

Reported incidents I have heard of within the platform relate to where the website owner does not put security measures at the computer level. For instance, not installing anti-virus software, clicking through links that contain spyware or malware that copies the user’s password, et cetera.

If you’re a sceptic,

You can also choose to take the extra advice from other experienced technical professionals within the platform to create your small security layer; to double your website protection.

Website speed

Websites that take too long to load pushes internet users to abandon your site in a matter of seconds. You’ve probably done it before; it takes a few seconds for one to hit a back button if a website takes forever to load.

At Siterubix, they know the importance of having a fast loading website, and for that reason, your website speed is taken care of if you host it with them.

My take on Siterubix’s hosting approach to speed,

I’ve learned that a lot impacts a website’s loading speed, which may sometimes have nothing or less to do with the host.


You tell me, how long did it take to view content on this Website?.

And yes, Siterubix websites can have speed issues too.

Look here,

This is a new website with demo content. It is a test website I created for this review.

A mature website with content, test results for speed from 3 various testing tools

Overall, not bad. However, the last one is slightly above the recommended max 2s.

Website reliability

For five months, I have been using SiteRubix services. I still am, and I haven’t experienced any downtime or blackout moments resulting from significant bug fixes, systems maintenance or system upgrades. But, you know, those issues cause system breakdowns.

Thanks to the automated backups,

They do auto mirror screenshots of your Website every second behind the scenes and daily backups of your Website. If you see a “system maintenance” mode on a Siterubix website, it most likely is due to the website owner making significant changes to their site.

Their approach to reliability provides the dream optimal hosting environment. However, if you’re new to It, it may appear there are no changes to the system until the co-founders, Kyle or Carson, drop an announcement on the recent changes to an upgrade or system development.

Important to note;

If you wiggle something on your site manager area or in WordPress, those moves that will somehow negatively affect your Website will take you to the next point (I learned that the hard way);

Siterubix Website support

Here you have direct access to server administrators, no front liners. If you have any website issues, you submit your query to site support, and your logged ticket gets processed quickly.

I had been petty with some settings and plugins in WordPress in one incident, changing themes and all. That almost turned my Website upside down, thanks to the site support and their auto backups. All appeared functional on the forefront while paper sanding the rough patches, sweating behind the scenes.

In a nutshell, the queries you’ll get to submit to SiteRubix site support are usually the self-inflicted type, those that create a learning curve. Since then, I have made a sandbox for testing plugins and settings before applying any significant changes to a live system.

Response time to queries?

They are reasonably quick to respond irrespective of different time zones. Any delays to responses most likely would be on your part.


That doesn’t mean there are no reports for delayed responses from the technical team. On the contrary, there are cases for such that I have spotted within the platform. However, they are not many, usually on extreme scenarios or unusual queries.

Siterubix hosting package

Siterubix hosting levels

Their hosting levels are two folds. Free plan and the premium plan. Both groups will give you access to Wealthy Affiliate’s training platform so,

Here are the differences in summary;

Siterubix free hosting plan package

The free tier allows users to build one Website (according to the recent changes, previously, 2) without spending a penny.

As you would expect, with pennies in your pockets, anticipate limited functionalities too.

In this case,

The free domain name will bear the SiteRubix name extension whether you like it or not. However, if you want to drop the SiteRubix to get a straight .com .org or a .net, you have to upgrade to Wealthy Affiliate’s premium membership at an all Inclusive fee. There are no upsells. Only the domain name purchases they charge separately.

Additional points to note,

A free hosting plan will not give you access to the full selection of themes and plugins for your Website designing, even if you’ll be using Instead, your choices will be limited to the preinstalled.


You gain limited access to the training platform. That means inadequate training to set up and design a website in, limited access to interactions with other community members, limited access to tools and other benefits of using the platform.

The premium level hosting plan in Siterubix

It comes in an all-inclusive package that has;

  • the premium level hosting services,
  • the advanced Training to building a website,
  • full access to the affiliate marketing training course,
  • the online tools (Jaaxy and other platforms),
  • total interactions with other community members and other extra benefits of using the platform.

There are no upsells.

Pros and Cons of Siterubix


  • You can start from zero to learn how to build a website. And work your way up to crea a significant online property or business. There are no barriers to entry if you have good intentions. Only your commitment and willingness to learn will be your secrete weapon to success.
  • With no substantial reasons to own a website, the affiliate marketing training course that powers Siterubix will help you built a website with a purpose. That is, they teach you how to turn any passion, weakness, or pain point into an income-generating project.
  • I’ve heard that some website builders automatically place their ads on their users’ websites, not the case with SiteRubix. The website owner has complete control of the ads they place on the Website.
  • The premium hosting tier comes with additional benefits at a giveaway subscription fee compared to other similar hosting platforms.


  • With recent updates to Siterubix, you can now host up to 10 websites of any type but, only those who know how to setup other types can leverage the affordable price. Otherwise, you may have to learn this elsewhere. (1% deduction from Training, there is room for developing) hint: new developments are underway, so stay tuned.
  • Some of the premade WordPress themes are not flexible enough to allow much customization without CSS knowledge, HTML or some form of programming or web design skills.
  • For the non-tech, you may find yourself stuck with a website design you don’t like, or having to change or buy a premium theme that will allow you to customize it effortlessly. (1% deduction from Training. there is room for improvement for the non-tech)
  • It’s all bed of lily flowers until you decide to move a domain name you purchased via Siterubix to another host network. I’ve not yet experienced this bump, but I’ve learned from others’ battles that there are ways to avoid falling into the same rabbit hole. (Zero % deduction. Weigh the pros and cons and read the terms and conditions before making a purchase).
  • This point is not a significant concern but a highlight that will give you the heads up to not expect everything to be perfect when using SiteRubix. Not everyone will have the same experience. (1% deduction on each of the following relating to hosting: Support 1%, Speed 1% = 2% total deduction from hosting. There are rooms for improvement).
  • There are limited choices to domain extensions if you choose to purchase a domain name with a country-specific extension (e.g. .uk, .ca, .za, etc.) or other extensions they do not support. They specialize in top-level high ranking .com, .org, or .net. If you bring along your domain name, you won’t have access to managing emails within the platform’s website management area. (1% deduction from Domains)
  • Overall, it appears all the benefits of using SiteRubix outweigh the cons.


Based on my experience, of course, and as I use the platform, SiteRubix is an excellent website builder for anyone. From humble beginnings, the non-tech and those with nothing can build something of value and worth living for. Likewise, the professionals and seasoned online marketers; can improve their lifestyles and establish businesses on a hosting platform that caters to long-term business expansion in

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  1. I know nothing about coding, and so something like the SiteRubix website builder is perfect for me. I’ve been using it for three years now, and it’s so easy, with a few clicks of a button my website is live and ready to publish content. The best part is the affiliate marketing training that it comes with, I’m building my sites to make money and so it fits perfectly with my needs. Jaaxy is also a handy keyword tool that helps me find keywords to target; without it, I would not be able to navigate through the fierce competition out there.

  2. Before now, I did not understand the concept behind that site Rubix, but now that I have gone through your well written comprehensive post, I can very well say I know so much about it. I am thrilled that you have given detailed information about it. I think it would be a perfect thing to try this out and I’m excited that there’s a training that comes with it. Thank you very much.

  3. Many thanks for the useful review post about SiteRubix Website Builder. I have been thinking for a few days about creating a website. So I needed a review like this. I have learned a lot about the advantages and disadvantages of SiteRubix from this review. The article is particularly straight to the point and easy to read.

    I must say that this is very helpful. Thank you 😊

  4. One thing that I have come to realise is that the time it takes to build and host a website using  SiteRubix is way fast than the usual way. Of which for you to develop and run a website manually takes a lot of time. As you have to start from ground level zero where you need to learn PHP, HTML, JavaScript and cascading style sheet (CSS) which are time-consuming and you have to learn them separately to get a better understanding of each if you are a beginner. I think  SiteRubix offers more than what you can pay for. When compared to others which is good.

    • A lot more than one can imagine, you’re right. It is an all-in-one solution for the non-technical and the majority alike.

  5. Thanks for sharing this SiteRubix Website Builder review. I have always been scared of getting into website building for fear of all the coding involved, but I am really relieved to learn that I can achieve this with SiteRubix without worrying about the coding process.

    I also love all the feature that comes with it when I use the services of this Wealthy Affiliate, I can see from your comparison table that the price associated with SiteRubix hosting is better than the others you compared it with, so I am glad I will be getting a good deal with SiteRubix.

    Will be sure to check it out. Thanks for sharing.


    • It is all the technical jargon that stirs some form of fear to the individuals and keeps them away from building websites. That had to come to an end at some point. Good luck with SiteRubix and have fun with the incredible deals that go with it.

  6. I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

    I’ve to admit that their training and all the services they provided are brilliant! I feel so proud to be able to join such an amazing community.

    By the way, I wasn’t too sure what’s the relation of Wealthy Affiliate and SiteRubix at first, but after I am taking some time to get used to the features in Wealthy Affiliate, I just feel so thankful that I have the chance to join them.

    Also, your article is incredible, and it just gave me a more precise idea of how SiteRubix works with Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks, my friend!

    • You’re welcome my friend, Zac. I’m glad you picked a golden nugget from this review 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by.
      All the best

  7. Hello

    Your review on SiteRubix Website Builder, thanks for it. I decided to create a website. That’s why I needed a review like this. I’ve learned so many things about SiteRubix Website Builder and your article is very helpful and easy to understand. 

    Thanks for the comprehensive review. Best of luck to you and your website. 

    Thank you

  8. We are a small company and my boss has tasked me to get a web designer who can make us a company website. I think with this discovery of Site Rubix, I will no longer look for a web designer but rather do it myself and ask my boss to pay me for the job of creating a website for them. With the illustrations shared here, I think I can do it even though I don’t have any technical background and has no knowledge in website coding. This was mentioned to me by a friend many months ago, and now I have proven what he said that anyone who’s willing to learn can build a website using Site Rubix.

    • For websites built using SiteRubix, comes pre-loaded with thousands of ready-made themes for your website design. You can also add plugins and change themes according to your needs. But, don’t forget to note that not all out of the box solutions will provide enough flexibility for customization without web designing skills. Check the pros and cons.

      Irrespective of the type of website you want to build for your project, even if it’s for a small company, I strongly advise you to start with a free version if you’re to do it the DIY route without technical skills. Test different themes and plugins.

      All the best


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