Jaaxy Review | The Multipurpose Keyword Research Tool

Should you signup for Jaaxy for keyword ideas? Content creators use Jaaxy to nail the right keywords for web content. But Jaaxy is a multipurpose keyword research tool. And if you’re doing business online, content ideas, product ideas, niche ideas, keyword-rich domain names, product descriptions, and online ads lead to SEO goals. So in this review, let’s see whether Jaaxy is a keyword research tool you should invest in or not.

Updated Jan 26, 2023

Jaaxy Overview

Research Tool: Jaaxy

Website address: www.jaaxy.com

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Price: Starter -Free

Premium starts at $49/month inclusive as of the review date (see details in the review)

Rating Score: 98%

What is Jaaxy good for?

Jaaxy is well known for finding keywords with a perfect balance of being less competitive but having high search volumes. So You’ll know if Jaaxy is good for you if keyword research and SEO are your top priority. 


There are similar tools for keyword research out there; in this case, you need to be clear about your keyword research goals to know if Jaaxy is good for you.

How is Jaaxy different from other keyword research tools?

Jaaxy has unique research functions that goes beyond finding keyword ideas. These take the headache out of online research and make Jaaxy a tool great for online entrepreneurship and digital marketing. Here you can size the online market you’re targeting and much more.

Ways to access Jaaxy

You can gain access to Jaaxy in two ways:

  1. To gain in-depth training on using Jaaxy, you’ll need access to the integrated research platform tailored for online entrepreneurship.


  1. If you want remote access, gain direct access to Jaaxy standalone keyword research tool instead.

How do I use Jaaxy standalone tool?

Jaaxy’s user interface is beginner-friendly, which makes this tool easy to use, as you can see below:

The primary and lite/pro versions look as follows;

Below is the enterprise version, which is slightly different to differentiate the versions.

Compare the differences across all of Jaaxy’s performances here.

Can I find content ideas using Jaaxy?

Yes, if you’re looking for content ideas—for blog articles, topic ideas to create a training course, etc., Jaaxy helps. 

Here’s an example

A quick guide on basic keyword research using Jaaxy. Suppose you want to create a training course and aim to answer people’s search queries. With the search phrase “How to”, you can quietly discover topic ideas to focus on when creating your online course, as shown below.

In a nutshell,
Jaaxy helps you create products based on what people are specifically asking. This gives you the advantage of meeting people’s demands at the point of their needs.

How do I interpret Jaaxy’s search results?

Interpreting Jaaxy’s search results is relatively easy. You need to understand what the indexes in each column on your search results represent. For instance,

Keyword Column: Here, you find a search word, a search phrase, or even a sentence you type in the search field. You know, what appears below the keyword column is also from the definition.

Avg Column: This column represents the estimated number of monthly searches for the keyword drawn from the search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Traffic Column: In this column, you get the projected number of web visitors to your written content that contains your target keyword, provided your post makes it to page 1 of a search engine, Google, for example.

QSR Column: These are (quoted search results): Number of websites with content that contains your chosen keyword – whether competing or not.

SEO Column (search engine optimization): – Under this column, you get SEO indicators for each keyword. Anything with a ranking score closer to 100 appears on page 1

KQI Column (key quality index) – on lighter versions of Jaaxy, you’ll see the words Great, Normal, or Poor. And traffic lights look alike on the more advanced versions of Jaaxy. 

Domains Column – You can check the availability of domain names for rich keywords.

Is Jaaxy that good for SEO?

Yes, Jaaxy is good for SEO for all levels. If you’re new to SEO, you can strategically choose the right keywords that don’t compete with mature sites. This makes Jaaxy an excellent tool for SEO beginners, seasoned SEO professionals, and SEO experts. 


To get the most out of Jaaxy for SEO, you’ll have to use the correct version for your SEO level. Compare Jaaxy’s performances here.

Do I need a 3rd party tool to organize my Keywords when using Jaaxy?

No. When using Jaaxy, you can research, organize, and manage keywords without having to switch between apps because of the following;

  • Jaaxy helps you Brainstorm and organize your keyword ideas from within.
  • Organize rich keywords and check domain name availability within Jaaxy’s research platform.
  • Group untapped niches with related keywords using Jaaxy’s inbuilt Niche finder
  • Narrow down broad niches conveniently using Jaaxy’s Alphabet soup technique and manage your keywords from within
  • Section less competitive keywords with high search volumes and organize your keywords per criteria in Jaaxy’s research area.
  • Export your selected keywords from Jaaxy to Excel for further processing.

Jaaxy’s Brainstorm feature – how useful is it?

Jaaxy’s Brainstorm feature is handy if you need help with keyword ideas. Here, you find trending topics you can take advantage of as you work through your keyword research. For instance, when trying to find some niche ideas or working on your marketing campaigns.

Put simple,

Presumably, you’ve heard that Jaaxy can help you find a niche, and you’ve gone through some brilliant reviews on the internet that appraises this tool. And out of excitement, you quickly sign up and head over to the interface.

But guess what; 

Jaaxy won’t magically generate keyword ideas without your input. But the brainstorming feature helps you come up with keyword ideas.

From experience,

Here’s how Jaaxy’s brainstorm feature is handy to help you start your niche search (see below).

The above topics are from Google trends, Alexa, Amazon bestsellers, and Twitter trends. Suppose you spot a topic that excites you. I selected “life is good” from trending topics as my search term here. You can add more selections to the brainstorming queue for more keyword clues.

I took it further,

Below is what has come up from the search term “life is good”, and I’ve highlighted some possible niche ideas in yellow.

Niche brainstorm

You can expand each of these keywords to generate even more niche ideas, this time using the keyword search tab.
In short,
Suppose you need help finding something that interests you on trending topics. In that case, you’ll notice that the highlights are random things that can be niches if you ignore the initial search term. Well, …you get the picture.

How do I find keyword-rich domain names using Jaaxy?

The domain name finder in Jaaxy makes it possible to translate your best keywords into keyword-rich domain names. So whether you want a Keyword-rich domain name for SEO goals or to trade these for profits, Jaaxy helps.

For the latter reasons,

I questioned before and found answers within Jaaxy. You may also want to know how easy it is to profit from a domain name. Given that you can make up your own, why would anyone buy a purchased domain name? You wonder. Below is the answer within Jaaxy:

Is it possible to find untapped niches using Jaaxy?

Using Jaaxy, you can resourcefully identify neglected areas in broad niches. Jaaxy’s search results are volumes in monthly search queries. This helps you develop unique business ideas targeting sub-niches in broad niches. Then you can create products or offer solutions and services based on what people ask. 

What is the alphabet soup research technique in Jaaxy?

A focused research technique that uses letters in the alphabet to include all possible search outcomes is the alphabet soup technique in Jaaxy. See the example below:

You’ll waste time if you follow the alphabet soup technique manually to do keyword research on Google. Instead, you may need to strike the perfect keywords. 


In this case, Jaaxy sifts through the noise and gives you more accurate and relevant research queries based on what people are actually searching for. As to how close to accurate those results are, you may only know if you’ve used the tool long enough to determine accuracy. And from experience, Jaaxy works.

Jaaxy’s alphabet soup technique in action;

Below is an example of how Jaaxy’s alphabet soup technique works.

Here I used “dog collars” as the keyword; from the brainstorming suggestions. These are search queries related to “dog collars” (based on what people search for online). Begin with the letter A + the keyword B, and C to the letter Z.
Of course,
You get more ideas if you scroll through all the letters in the alphabet with a single keyword entry search.

That said,

Whether you’re familiar with dogs or not, the results provide some clues on keywords you can tap into that are part of a broader niche. You wouldn’t have thought of some of these in seconds had you used your brain.

In short,

Jaaxy’s alphabet soup technique helps you strip a broad niche into sub-niches. This enables you to find a business idea on things you wouldn’t have thought of in seconds.

My take,

This feature got a big tick from me; it saves time and reduces the risk of getting inaccurate results. Using Jaaxy’s Alphabet soups technique, I dug deeper into unfamiliar niches. I discovered things I needed to be aware of required someone’s attention.

How can I beat the online business competition using Jaaxy?

Based on the keyword research data you get from Jaaxy, you can beat the online business competition in various ways. In addition to identifying untapped niches, you can use Jaaxy to;

  • Create relevant digital products. For instance, eBooks, online training courses, apps or any product you can think of; you already have access to what the market wants.
  • Develop and expand a business idea for any product using your newly discovered in-demand keywords using Jaaxy.
  • Use Jaaxy to get keyword-rich domain name clues from untapped niches and resell these for profits.
  • Develop a focused and well-put-together research report using Jaaxy for your projects.
  • Draw up a meaningful and impressive business proposal that’s difficult to turn down using in-demand keywords from Jaaxy.
  • Validate your business ideas based on who you’re targeting.
  • Fit in the missing puzzles of your business plan.

These are a few examples; you can see the bigger picture now.

How useful is Jaaxy as a niche research tool?

As a niche research tool, Jaaxy’s Alphabet soup technique and the keyword listing feature enable you to create and manage your great list of keywords. Then you can narrow broad niches and build a pipeline of search terms and phrases that you can use for various purposes.

Jaaxy keyword list feature

Finally, form a focused niche market for your business. For instance,

Niche research topics

Jaaxy is useful when researching niche topics. This tool gives results that enable you to focus on issues that matter to your target audience as you acknowledge search queries from significant search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Then you benefit a lot when developing your business ideas or marketing strategies.

Niche research for blogging

You can use Jaaxy to get content ideas for blogging. As you build keywords for specific topics, you get related keyword suggestions; you always have ideas. This makes Jaaxy a valuable tool to lighten your workload when planning, organizing, and mapping out ideas.

What is the website research analysis in Jaaxy?

Jaaxy’s website research analysis is on keywords. This section covers three critical areas in summary:

  1. Site Rank enables you to track your keywords and verify if your website is indexed for that particular keyword for SEO
  2. Search and discover your website’s ranking position for specific keywords and analyze the ranking factors
  3. Analyze your search competition and discover which websites you’re up against your target keyword.

Can you track your keywords’ SEO using Jaaxy?

You can track your keywords’ SEO using Jaaxy, which is settling. But first, know if your website and its content are visible online to your target audience. Besides, that’s the goal if you’re doing business online. 

How this works,

Jaaxy’s site rank feature reveals whether you’re levelling up, down, or not progressing with your keyword’s SEO strategies.  


Then, you can make sound decisions and implement a strategic way to move forward. I love this. Jaaxy helps you track rankings and monitor your site authority.

What is Jaaxy’s search analysis all about?

Jaaxy’s search analysis is about analyzing your website’s keyword competition, discovering SEO trends, and how these change over time. The last part requires regular monitoring, analyzing and scrutinizing of the data; it needs to be automated.

Is there a way to analyze the competition of a website using Jaaxy?

Jaaxy’s online competition analysis helps you identify websites that rank against your target keyword. This enables you to discover SEO trends and how these change over time. 

Here’s how,

Using Jaaxy, you can pinpoint what makes the competitor’s content OK than yours or why the search engines rank that particular content better.

Why should you bother?

There are billions of website pages on the internet. Therefore it’s nearly impossible for every web post or web page to appear on page 1 in search engine result pages.

Given this disadvantage,

Jaaxy’s search analysis for websites helps you skillfully re-work your strategies as you close the gaps for improvement. I find Jaaxy’s search analysis for websites super brilliant! 

In short, 

When you’re a novice in the digital world trying to make it online, Jaaxy is that secret weapon you can use to outsmart or outrank thousands of authority websites. Bottoms up to this feature.

Is Jaaxy an SEO competitive analysis tool?

Yes. Suppose you have your article or post on the first page of SERP for your keyword; once the web post changes the ranking position or goes completely missing on the first page, You may want to know why. Use Jaaxy to get answers, to some extent. And with Jaaxy’s search analysis feature in Site rank, you are good at analyzing and scrutinizing reports.

Are you moving up or down the ranks?


Using Jaaxy, you get a report on the following SEO-related matters:

  • Meta descriptions
  • Meta Keywords
  • Word counts
  • Links on site
  • Backlinks
  • Alexa Rank
  • Adsense

Jaaxy gives you an overview of things that affect the website’s content ranking system. However, you may need to learn the ranking rules, preset standards for each element and the weight each carries in ranking content – a limitation in Jaaxy.

Does Jaaxy have an affiliate program? 

Yes, Jaaxy has an affiliate program that pays a reasonable commission rate. But you get the most out of this program if you’re an active user or subscriber.

Jaaxy's Affiliate Program

So for affiliate marketing purposes, you can use Jaaxy as an independent tool. In addition, you save money by joining the Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate marketing program because the premium membership includes Jaaxy lite/pro. View Jaaxy’s subscription levels here.

Jaaxy’s pros and cons

No doubt, I fell in like with Jaaxy; this tool tick for me:


  1. Jaaxy’s interface is user-friendly.
  2. You can use Jaaxy for one-time projects and long-term projects. The payment structure permits; therefore, you don’t always have to commit to the subscriptions.
  3. Jaaxy is reasonably affordable, and you gain a lot by using this keyword research tool.
  4. Bonus; you can make money online through Jaaxy’s affiliate program; if you choose to.
  5. Jaaxy simplifies complex and frustrating business-related tasks.


  1. Jaaxy’s estimated figures are on global statistics. For this reason, not a perfect keyword research tool for local SEO. 
  2. When using Jaaxy, you’ll need third-party tools to complete competitor analysis. If there’s a tool that complements the job efficiently, I would like to hear about it – another room for innovation.
  3. Suppose you fail to think of a keyword for your search (although you may still use your surroundings and active senses to trigger keyword ideas). In that case, you may find this tool ultimately… I’ll let you complete the sentence. Test Jaaxy for free firstand see if you can bypass this barrier


Considering my experience with Jaaxy, this keyword research tool is a gem. Ideally, for someone doing some form of business online.

Overall Score










  • Jaaxy speeds up online research for relevant keywords
  • The interface is user-friendly
  • Impressive feature for tracking keywords performances


  • Jaaxy's search results may not be accurate for local SEO

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  1. Thank you for this good review. 

    I personally also use Jaaxy for more than 1 year. And all this time, keyword research with this product is quite encouraging. Because there are some pretty interesting features like QSR, Alphabet soup. These two features always give me advice about keywords that I can use in articles on my blog. In addition, the results displayed by Jaaxy are also very accurate. So the SEO applied to my blog gives very good results (in terms of traffic and conversion).
    For those who do not have this SEO tool, I highly recommend to have it.

    • From a different perspective and from someone who has used Jaaxy for longer than I have, it’s good to hear your insight about the accuracy. Thanks a lot!

  2. Hi there, I could not be any more impressed with this well researched article. I started my online business few months ago and while I was struggling with getting traffic to my website I came across jaaxy but I could not fully unveil the abilities probably because I didn’t understand enough. But your post has been really helpful

  3. Must say that Jaaxy is the best multi-purpose tool that one can find on the internet because it has a very user-friendly interface, and it is well connected and it’s super fast too…I have been using it for some time now and I must say that I haven’t heard a course to regret anything at all.

  4. Wow, this is the most comprehensive review that I have ever seen on Jaaxy. I am an avid fan of Jaaxy and have been using this platform for a few years now, and some of the features that you mentioned I wasn’t even aware of, so thank you for pointing them out to me.

    The alphabet soup technique was one of them, and I have been using Google for this. Now I see I can use Jaaxy instead and this will make the process so much easier.

    • Thanks, Michel

      The interface may look simple and easy to navigate, but the real value is on the features and their functions.

      All the best 🙂

  5. I created a Niche website and used the Jaaxy keyword tool to find the most suitable keywords. My Niche website achieved a good ranking. Jaaxy Keyword Tool is a great tool. As you said, I like doing keyword research with this tool too. 

    Thanks for your sharing. Hope more people know this tool and use it to make their websites better.

  6. Having used several keyword and research tools, I can say without reservations, that jaaxy is not as bad as I initially thought. The features are endless and as you clearly pointed out, it simplifies so many complex business related tasks. Seeing that you have extensively used the tool, it is understandable how you’ve come to know about it in very great details. 

    Thanks 🙏🏾 for sharing.👍🏾

  7. Thanks very much for this great and helpful article about jaaxy keyword research tool. It’s an interesting article from it’s starting to its end because I have got to know more about jaaxy, for example, its features, and their uses and where it’s applied and when. So thank you very much for this article keep sharing.

    • You’re welcome

      You know, Jaaxy is one of those tools that can really frustrate one if they don’t know how to use it.

      All the best.

  8. Thanks for posting. It is very informative and well documented. I’ve been in WA for a year, but I’ve only used some of the Jaaxy tools. Due to your posting, I also understood the functions that I did not use. “This online keyword research tool is a gem” you said very well. Extremely useful post.

    • Thank you, Carmen.

      I’m glad you find valuable information on how to use some of the functions.

      All the best with moving your business forward.

  9. Jaaxy keyword tool from my experience is just the best. It’s easy to use and have a lot of features that every business owner online will find useful. I love using the tool for so many reasons,

    1. I could make a research and save many keywords of my choice in one related directory

    2. I can know my ranking on Google and other search engines

    3. Get to know of affiliate programs from the keywords entered

    4. Knowing the estimated traffic that my keyword could get, its competition, etc.

    In fact, Jaaxy is just a multipurpose tool. Though they may be other handful of good keywords tools out there, but I prefer using Jaaxy.

    • Thank you for your input, Kell

      It’s always great to hear about other’s experiences with products. Indeed, this online tool is just one of its kind.

  10. Hello there. Thank you for sharing this comprehensive and well-constructed review of Jaaxy. It’s not enough to build a website with lots of content. SEO is very important because without traffic, a website would not be successful. I find Jaaxy to be the most reliable and intuitive tool for a thriving website. The results speaks so much about this tool.


    • Absolutely, it makes it easier to optimise written content for the search engines. Something any online entrepreneur would find attractive for their business.

      Thank you!

  11. Many thanks for writing such a beautiful post. I have personally been using Jaaxy  Keyword Research Tool for a year and have benefited greatly. With this tool, I can easily do keyword research for my article or my website. It’s a very useful keyword research tool and one that most people would want to use

  12. Hey, Your Jaaxy Review is beneficial for me. I am doing my keyword research only via Jaaxy. Now I am getting awesome results from my website. Jaaxy’s Brainstorm feature is impressive. Anyone can start using Jaaxy for their website to get brilliant results like mine. I like Online competition analysis & Analyse your SEO competition features. Both are very awesome.

  13. I have been using Jaaxy since 2019 and it has been one of the greatest and one of my favorite marketing tools. I love how you can brainstorm and find keywords that you weren’t exactly looking for, but they might still work for your website. Not to mention the amazing feature of scanning your own website for a specific keyword to see if you’ve been ranked with that keyword. 


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