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Terminology can sometimes help you discover brilliant online research tools for your business ideas. In some cases, you can bypass a solution that is suitable for your needs and scramble for a product that others perceive to be an excellent choice only to realise, the latter doesn’t solve your problem. It’s usually the former for an advanced multi-functional keyword research tool like Jaaxy. Since I’ve been using this research tool for more than four months, this review is rather long overdue, but I’m glad I delayed, now I understand all its functions and uses. So, let’s get to the report.

What is Jaaxy

Whether you choose to use Jaaxy as an independent tool or integrated into the affiliate marketing training platform,

  • As a separate tool – Jaaxy is a web-based multipurpose keyword research tool. Don’t mind these terminologies if you’re not familiar with such; you’ll get a clearer understanding as you continue reading.
  • When integrated with an affiliate marketing program, Jaaxy then becomes a research platform for affiliate marketers. The interface and the functions work the same for both.

Jaaxy as designed by the owners.

What is Jaaxy

No doubt the research platform is designed for affiliate marketers, and the steps followed to researching online within Jaaxy’s research scope fits the affiliate marketing framework perfectly.

Updated 19/02/2020  – Additional sentence that is important to note:

The research platform is within the bounds of Wealthy Affiliate, where you gain access to the detailed training on how to use this tool.

Jaaxy as a standalone keyword research tool

What if you decide to use Jaaxy as an independent tool? The setup allows. Is Jaaxy strictly for affiliate marketers?

Well, if you understand the functions and the type of data that Jaaxy extracts, In my opinion, you can use it on various projects for various reasons that may appear to have nothing to do with affiliate marketing. You’ll find out soon if you’re eager to know what kind of projects.

Jaaxy’s user interface

The primary and lite/pro versions look like this;

Below is the enterprise version that looks slightly different.

The features are the same, only the design of the interface is different, so what else is the difference? Compare the differences across all Jaaxy’s versions here.

How to do basic keyword research using Jaaxy

The way you use search engines like google, for instance, you type in what you want in the search box, and the tool will generate results based on what people search for online. If there is no search data on the net for your chosen keyword, nothing will show up. A keyword research result looks as follows for a basic search:

Hint: You need to have an idea of what you are searching for and why.

To obtain the above results, I used the phrase “how-to” in the search box; it’s in bold; the rest represents what internet users search for relating to that keyword — getting the hang of it? Let’s move on.

The Meaning of Jaaxy indexes and the interpretation of search results

Using the results from the above example, here is what those search results represent:

Keyword: That is a word or a phrase, even a long sentence that you type in when you search (in this case, it’s in bold). What appears under that column are keywords too, you know; from the definition.

Avg: The estimated average number of monthly online searches for a keyword

Traffic: The estimated amount of web visitors to your written content that contains the keyword; if that post makes it to page 1 of a search engine; Google, for example.

QSR (quoted search results): Number of websites competing for the keyword

SEO (search engine optimisation): – ranking scores higher than 100 appear on page 1

KQI (key quality index) – on lighter versions of Jaaxy, you’ll see the words Great, Normal, or Poor. But on enterprise version, it looks like traffic lights, but it all represents the same thing, so here is what all that means relating to your keyword:

Green or great – is for you’re good to go, that keyword is a brilliant choice, the demand is more significant than supply.

Orange or Normal – proceed with caution, make sure you know what you’re doing. If you don’t have the upper hand against your opponents, you may want to avoid using that keyword at all cost.

Red or Poor– Not worth pursuing or there is stiff competition for that keyword, you will waste your resources

Domains – availability of domain names according to your keyword input

Well, now that these definitions are out of the way, other tabs represent the unique features of Jaaxy, and you’ll learn about them soon. Let’s move on and get to the review.

Jaaxy’s unique features and their functions

These are in four primary categories which are:

  • Keyword Research and Management
  • Niche research and refinement
  • Website Research and Analysis
  • The affiliate program

Let us work from top to bottom and get to know what those features are, what they do, and what I think of them based on my experience with this product.

Keyword Research and Management

It consists of:

  • The brainstorm feature
  • Find keyword-rich domain names
  • Niche finder for untapped niches
  • The alphabet soup technique

Jaaxy’s Brainstorm feature – how useful is it?

Here that’s where you find current trending topics that you can leverage as you work through your research. For instance, when trying to find some niche ideas or working on your marketing campaigns.

Presumably, you’ve heard that Jaaxy can help you find a niche and you’ve gone through some brilliant reviews on the net that appraises this tool. So, you quickly sign up and head over to the interface but guess what; this tool won’t magically generate some ideas without you entering a keyword. Can this brainstorm feature help you come up with some ideas? Based on my experience with this Jaaxy feature, here is how it can help you get started with your niche search (detailed training video for premium subscribers only).

The above represents some daily, updated trending topics. Suppose you spot a topic that interests you. Here I selected “life is good” from trending topics on twitter trends, and added it to the brainstorm queue. Either double click the text directly from the brainstorm queue or head over to the keyword search tab and enter the keyword. Below is what come up, and I’ve highlighted some possible niche ideas in yellow.

Niche brainstorm

Those you can expand to generate even more niche ideas, again, using the keyword search tab.

Now, what if you cannot find anything that interests you on trending topics? You’ll notice that the highlighted are random things that can be niches, with nothing to do with the item if you decide to eliminate the initial keyword. Well, …you get the picture.

Find keyword-rich domain names feature on Jaaxy

A website is an online asset. As with any property, you build it with value in mind. With a great domain name, a website can have a higher value when made with brilliant strategies in place. You must have heard of people trading domain names for profits. Yup, apparently that’s another hot business you can tap into if you are interested. The domain name functionality feature in Jaaxy (detailed training video for premium subscribers only) makes it possible to generate relevant keyword-rich domain names with significant values.

Now something that I questioned before, and you may also want to find answers; how easy is it to profit from a domain name? I mean if someone can come up with a domain name themselves surely one can purchase any; directly from a domain registration company, isn’t it? Then what is the use of buying a purchased domain name?

It turns out, that’s where relevant keyword-rich domain names come into play. That is part of the explanation I see related to this review. And don’t take this at face value, there are potent matrices behind Jaaxy and keyword-rich domains that one can leverage. For both international, local SEO and Local SEO business listings (detailed training video for premium subscribers only). From the image below and after creating an account, you head over to Jaaxy help and claim bonus# 3 to understand how to use this functionality to your advantage.

Niche finder for untapped relevant niches

Imagine having access to a database of what people type in on search engines as they try to find information and other solutions to their problems. How cool will that be? That’s what this feature has in store. Jaaxy has a frequently updated database, loaded with keywords used by internet users on significant search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You gain access to that database.

Having access to that kind of information at your fingertips; you quickly get to know what types of problems people have, and solutions they are searching for online. That enables you to sort those search outcomes presented by Jaaxy, identify neglected but relevant niches much faster than anyone who doesn’t know and formulate solutions on unusual but relevant niche markets.

The alphabet soup technique feature in Jaaxy

Jaaxy features a focused research technique that uses a combination of letters in the alphabet to include all possible search outcomes. When carried out manually, this research technique takes a lot of time and sometimes produces unreliable data. Automated and combined with other research techniques, and the advanced machine programming language, Jaaxy helps you generate more accurate and relevant research results based on your keywords.

Those search results consist of data from various search engines; Google, Bing, and Yahoo being the significant sources. As to how close to accurate those results are, you may never know unless you are determined to find out, and have the appropriate skill set and the capacity to carry out the investigation effectively.

Below is an example of how Jaaxy’s alphabet soup technique works (detailed training video for premium subscribers only). Here I used “dog collars” as the keyword; from the brainstorm suggestions. These are random recommendations (based on what people search for online) from the keyword + letter C. You get more ideas if you scroll through all the letters in the alphabet on a single search.

Whether you’re familiar with dogs or not, the generated results provide some clues on related keywords you can tap into that are part of a broader niche. Some you wouldn’t have thought of in seconds had you used your brain.

Think of it, given that kind of data; it’s possible to strip a broad niche, find a sub-niche or multiple slots with high search volumes but lower competition keywords. That enables you to find a business idea on things you wouldn’t have thought of in seconds. This feature got a big tick from me; it saves time and reduces the risk of getting inaccurate results from a manual search method that can sometimes be a daunting task.

Besides; you can dig deeper into unfamiliar niches and uncover things you may not even have been aware they require someone’s attention.

Where to use Jaaxy’s alphabet soup technique feature to gain a competitive edge

This section is rather my general opinion based on the data produced by this tool. It will provide a hint on who else can benefit from using Jaaxy apart from the affiliate marketers.

In addition to identifying untapped niches, you can use the extracted data to;

  • Create relevant digital products. For instance, eBooks, online training courses, apps or any product you can think of that seem fit; you already have access to what the market wants.
  • Develop and expand a business idea for any product leveraging your newly discovered relevant keywords
  • Get some keyword-rich domain name clues from identified niches and resale them for profits
  • Develop a focused and well-put-together research report for your projects
  • Draw up a meaningful and impressive business proposal that can be difficult to turn down
  • Validate your business ideas based on who you’re targeting
  • Fit in the missing puzzles on your business plan

These are a few examples, and by now you probably see the bigger picture.

Niche research and refinement

Jaaxy keyword list feature

Using the Alphabet soup technique above and My Keyword list feature, you can create and manage your great list of keywords, narrow niche ideas that are too broad and build a pipeline of search terms and phrases that forms a focused total niche market. Given the related keywords suggestions feature, you hardly run short of ideas. Now, wait! …you’re probably thinking of planning, organising, getting an overview, formulating strategies blah blah blah, huh? Yep, you can’t rule that out if you can easily connect the dots.

And yes, this feature allows you to, sort, edit and retrieve your list of keywords as you build your list. There is an option to export your selected files in CSV or TXT formats. With an enterprise version, one can have up to 5 multiple tabs while working on a project which helps when multi-tasking.

Jaaxy Website Research and Analysis

The section covers the following, in summary:

  • Site Rank that will enable you to verify your keyword SEO
  • Search analysis
  • Analyse your search competition

Site rank that will allow you to check your keywords’ SEO

It’s good to know if your website and its content are visible online or not. Besides, for the majority of online traders, the intent is to make their websites and content visible and accessible to the targeted market as one build their content. Jaaxy’s site rank feature reveals to you whether you are moving forward that direction or you’re not progressing. For the latter, you can make sound decisions and implement a way forward strategic moves. I love this. It is the feature that tracks rankings and monitors your site authority.


Jaaxy’s search analysis feature

This feature helps you to analyse your online competition, discover SEO trends as well as how these change over time. The last part requires you to intervene by regularly checking, analysing and scrutinising the data; it’s not automated.

Online competition analysis

With billions of websites on the net, it’s nearly impossible if not impossible for every post or page of a site to appear on page 1 in search engines; for every targeted keyword. Jaaxy’s online competition analysis helps you identify which website is ranking up against your targeted keyword, and what makes its content better than yours, or why the search engines like it.

With that information transmitted to your brain from your fingertips, you can easily re-work your strategies to create room for improvement. I find this feature super brilliant! If you’re a novice in the digital world trying to make it online, with thousands of renowned online experts and their authority websites on the field, you may find yourself often biting your thumb with your website gone completely invisible. Jaaxy is that secret weapon that can boost your confidence as you enter the online markets so bottoms up to this feature.

Analyse your SEO competition

If you think you are ahead of the game with your page or post on position one today in search engines, the next day, it can be in position 2, 3, further down, or can go completely missing on the first page. You need to know why. Can Jaaxy help you out? Yes, to some extent and using Jaaxy’ search analysis feature in Site rank if you are good at analysing and scrutinising reports.

Are you moving up or down the ranks?


From the above image as an example, it’s clear that things such as:

  • Meta descriptions
  • Meta Keywords
  • Word counts
  • Links on site
  • Backlinks
  • Alexa Rank
  • Adsense

All these listed above somehow represents contributors to the site content ranking system. However, you may not know the ranking rules, preset standards for each one, and the weight each of them carries in ranking content. That’s a limitation of this feature in Jaaxy.

An affiliate marketing program for a keyword research tool

For an affiliate marketer who is looking for a brilliant product that has an affiliate program with an acceptable commission structure, guess what, Jaaxy is one of those products you might want to try.

Jaaxy’s Affiliate program

Jaaxy's Affiliate Program

As to how good the company is when it comes to releasing payments, I’m sorry I don’t have that kind of experience with it to give you the head up. By the way, you don’t need to use Jaaxy as an independent tool. You can save the cost by joining the Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate marketing program because the premium membership includes Jaaxy lite/pro at $49/month altogether. It works out cheaper. Match the price here.

Jaaxy pros and cons and the overall rating

No doubt, I fell in like with all Jaaxy’s features, their uses, the kind of research data Jaaxy generates and the benefits it provides. Apart from that, here are additional benefits that make this tool tick for me:


  • The user interface is user-friendly; even a technophobe can quickly learn how to navigate the interface effortlessly.
  • The price compared to the benefits of using it, I’ll be damned not to take advantage of this tool, it’s a catch.
  • Their payment structure allows one to use it for one-time projects, short term and long-term project too. I like that kind of flexibility as I don’t have to always commit to the subscriptions
  • Bonus, the ability to generate income as you use it through its affiliate program; if you choose to.
  • It simplifies some complex and frustrating business-related tasks.


  • The estimate figures generated by Jaaxy are on global statistics. For that reason, It may be difficult to extract accurate data for local use. (1% rating deduction) there is room for improvement.
  • For curiosity’s sake, how close to accurate are those estimate figures? That information may remain unknown. Even if someone does the digging and validates, who will you trust? (0.05% rating deduction) there could be someone out there who can iron this issue out, or it could be 100% accurate. Do I trust Jaaxy’s figures? Yes, to some extent – I use them and they seem to work.
  • The feature for analysing competition may rely on third-party tools to complete the task. If there is a tool that complements the job efficiently, I would like to hear about it. (1% rating deduction) another room for innovation
  • If you fail to come up with a keyword for a search (although you may still use your surroundings and your active senses that can trigger some keyword ideas), unfortunately, you may find this tool ultimately… I will let you complete the sentence. (No deduction on the ratings) Test Jaaxy for free first, and see if you can bypass this barrier

Overall score


Price plan and other details relating to Jaaxy

It’s all here


Considering all the descriptions I have presented in this review, which are as a result of my personal experience with Jaaxy, this online keyword research tool is a gem. Ideally, for someone operating some sort of business online, and anyone who is into creating something that solves a problem.

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  1. Thank you for this good review. 

    I personally also use Jaaxy for more than 1 year. And all this time, keyword research with this product is quite encouraging. Because there are some pretty interesting features like QSR, Alphabet soup. These two features always give me advice about keywords that I can use in articles on my blog. In addition, the results displayed by Jaaxy are also very accurate. So the SEO applied to my blog gives very good results (in terms of traffic and conversion).
    For those who do not have this SEO tool, I highly recommend to have it.

    • From a different perspective and from someone who has used Jaaxy for longer than I have, it’s good to hear your insight about the accuracy. Thanks a lot!

  2. Hi there, I could not be any more impressed with this well researched article. I started my online business few months ago and while I was struggling with getting traffic to my website I came across jaaxy but I could not fully unveil the abilities probably because I didn’t understand enough. But your post has been really helpful

  3. Must say that Jaxxy is the best multi-purpose tool that one can find on the internet because it has a very user-friendly interface, and it is well connected and it’s super fast too…I have been using it for some time now and I must say that I haven’t heard a course to regret anything at all.

  4. Wow, this is the most comprehensive review that I have ever seen on Jaaxy. I am an avid fan of Jaaxy and have been using this platform for a few years now, and some of the features that you mentioned I wasn’t even aware of, so thank you for pointing them out to me.

    The alphabet soup technique was one of them, and I have been using Google for this. Now I see I can use Jaaxy instead and this will make the process so much easier.

    • Thanks, Michel

      The interface may look simple and easy to navigate, but the real value is on the features and their functions.

      All the best 🙂

  5. I created a Niche website and used the Jaxxy keyword tool to find the most suitable keywords. My Niche website achieved a good ranking. Jaxxy Keyword Tool is a great tool. As you said, I like doing keyword research with this tool too. 

    Thanks for your sharing. Hope more people know this tool and use it to make their websites better.

  6. Having used several keyword and research tools, I can say without reservations, that jaaxy is not as bad as I initially thought. The features are endless and as you clearly pointed out, it simplifies so many complex business related tasks. Seeing that you have extensively used the tool, it is understandable how you’ve come to know about it in very great details. 

    Thanks 🙏🏾 for sharing.👍🏾

  7. Thanks very much for this great and helpful article about jaaxy keyword research tool. It’s an interesting article from it’s starting to its end because I have got to know more about jaaxy, for example, its features, and their uses and where it’s applied and when. So thank you very much for this article keep sharing.

    • You’re welcome

      You know, Jaaxy is one of those tools that can really frustrate one if they don’t know how to use it.

      All the best.

  8. Thanks for posting. It is very informative and well documented. I’ve been in WA for a year, but I’ve only used some of the Jaaxy tools. Due to your posting, I also understood the functions that I did not use. “This online keyword research tool is a gem” you said very well. Extremely useful post.

    • Thank you, Carmen.

      I’m glad you find valuable information on how to use some of the functions.

      All the best with moving your business forward.

  9. Jaaxy keyword tool from my experience is just the best. It’s easy to use and have a lot of features that every business owner online will find useful. I love using the tool for so many reasons,

    1. I could make a research and save many keywords of my choice in one related directory

    2. I can know my ranking on Google and other search engines

    3. Get to know of affiliate programs from the keywords entered

    4. Knowing the estimated traffic that my keyword could get, its competition, etc.

    In fact, Jaaxy is just a multipurpose tool. Though they may be other handful of good keywords tools out there, but I prefer using Jaaxy.

    • Thank you for your input, Kell

      It’s always great to hear about other’s experiences with products. Indeed, this online tool is just one of its kind.

  10. Hello there. Thank you for sharing this comprehensive and well-constructed review of Jaxxy. It’s not enough to build a website with lots of content. SEO is very important because without traffic, a website would not be successful. I find Jaxxy to be the most reliable and intuitive tool for a thriving website. The results speaks so much about this tool.


    • Absolutely, it makes it easier to optimise written content for the search engines. Something any online entrepreneur would find attractive for their business.

      Thank you!

  11. Many thanks for writing such a beautiful post. I have personally been using Jaxxy  Keyword Research Tool for a year and have benefited greatly. With this tool, I can easily do keyword research for my article or my website. It’s a very useful keyword research tool and one that most people would want to use

  12. Hey, Your Jaaxy Review is beneficial for me. I am doing my keyword research only via Jaaxy. Now I am getting awesome results from my website. Jaaxy’s Brainstorm feature is impressive. Anyone can start using Jaaxy for their website to get brilliant results like mine. I like Online competition analysis & Analyse your SEO competition features. Both are very awesome.


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