Is It Necessary To Build A Website Without A Product?

Are you one of those who think “business” when you hear the word “website”? The idea of having a website can be exciting, perhaps intimidating; it depends. How comfortable are you with utilising technology? Since you seem interested in knowing if it’s worth it to build a website without a product to sell, you’re probably pondering the following questions:

What kind of website will that be?

Why would anyone want to do that?

What can one gain from doing it?

Me too, I used to think that. So hear me out. I will uncover the possibilities right here with the following:

Can you build a website without a product to sell?

Quick answer, yes. That’s what bloggers do, but not all bloggers though, some find products to sell through blogging and become instant online entrepreneurs.

But wait,

You may have noticed many bloggers, including their entire career history, displaying their lifestyles on their blogs. If you are not up for that kind of publicity, you might think that’s it. I can’t become an instant online entrepreneur by blogging.

Not quite what you may expect;

You can choose a different approach to blogging to achieve your entrepreneurial goals. Know this; you have complete control of what you publish as your blog posts to your website.

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Blogging goals for aspiring entrepreneurs

These will also provide good reasons for consideration to create a website;

Dream business partnerships, demand and supply contracts

Create an online presence and improve your chances of clinching a dream business deal.

It may work in your favour if you do not have a robust online presence that displays your best abilities. With a well-crafted niche market website that showcases your true intentions, you can wave your way into business and turn things to your advantage.

In case you’re not aware:

Nowadays, potential clients and business partners do online research with people they deal with before sealing deals. And business approvals are based on merit and trust. So if you’ve got a website that showcases those qualities, your business proposals are more likely to be taken seriously. That could be an easy way for you to land a dream contract or a business partnership.

The direction for your business

Choose the path for your business  – what market gaps can you close?

That goes with,

It’s best if you have a business idea that is in a decision or development phase.


To determine what products to produce for your targeted audience, you need to know what products already exist in your chosen niche market. Start by recommending those alternative solutions to your targeted audience.

For a simple reason:

That way, you can avoid re-inventing a perfect wheel and instead channel your resources into creating what closes the market gaps. If you start content to identify and meet the needs and demands of your targeted market, with time, it becomes more transparent and more comfortable to determine what products to develop for your audience.

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A brand before the product

Blogging can help you build a brand before implementing your business idea.

With a brandable domain name for your website, you can develop a trusted brand. Of course, that may depend on how well you excel at creating excellent content for your website. If you are good enough that some of your content goes viral for good reasons, you can create a powerful brand.

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Can you become an entrepreneur by blogging?

If you asked, absolutely, but it depends. How far can you take it?.

Look at these options.

Entrepreneurs who relate to their customers or clients

It is possible to turn your interests and passion into a business venture

You can tailor a Blog to exchange information with like-minded. Earlier, I indicated that not all bloggers create websites without products to sell.

Here is what that statement could mean for you:

It’s true that most people blog for fun. To become an online entrepreneur through blogging and without owning a product, you need to understand affiliate marketing mechanics and incorporate each on your blogs.

Check out how all this unfolds,

Gaining the know-how to operating a business online

Blogging plus a few mechanics of affiliate marketing equals affiliate marketing/ online entrepreneurship. And you can achieve all the above without owning a product to learn how to operate a business online.

How does it work?

If you’re eager to know,

Before developing a niche market product for your targeted audience, you can leverage affiliate marketing to master the research techniques, selling techniques, and understand your market. And more, use affiliate marketing to narrow your chosen niche ideas for eventually something specific. It can help you achieve the above business goals.

Need further explanation?


As technology advances, consumer behaviours also changes, and it’s part of the revolutionary digital change. Nearly half the world’s human population is already using the internet. As more consumers enter the online market and become more knowledgeable on leveraging the internet system, various avenues for attaining business goals also open up; a website is one of those.

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Are you ready to learn how to create an affiliate marketing website to achieve any of the above business goals?

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20 thoughts on “Is It Necessary To Build A Website Without A Product?”

  1. Very informative. I’m looking into starting a blog on obsessions and was looking to see if any income can be generated with blogging. I also believe that starting a blog should always be the first stage in creating a website or business. Blogs are a lot easier to establish from what I hear so I will be looking into implementing that into my strategy. 

  2. Hello there,

    my answer to your question is an emphatic , YES ! i am ready to create a website and share my passions

    so that it can help others while it benefits me as a different stream of revenue.

    Do you have experience in recommending one with a stellar reputation where the focus is on training rather than up sells ?

    Looking forward to your reply.  Thanks

  3. I tried an online business which involved teaching but it did not do very well and I am thinking about blogging. I just recently got turned on to the idea because I see where if you choose the right niche, one that has many arms of interest and know the demographic you are working with, then there is hope. I also want to get into affiliate marketing so I can expand my sources of income and make my discussions interesting. Thanks for this article. It is quite encouraging

  4. Your article is very informative.I am ready to create a website and share my passions.

    I’m looking into starting a blog on obsessions and was looking to see if any income can be generated with blogging. I also believe that starting a blog should always be the first stage in creating a website or business. Blogs are a lot easier to establish from what I hear so I will be looking into implementing that into my strategy.

    Thanks for your Sharing .

  5. Hello

    Very interesting about your article.

    We deal with affiliate marketing and I have a very pioneering blog

    I would like to create a blog that is relevant to my work and inform readers with video and lessons.

    I believe the combination of affiliates and information is best for a very good income on the net

    Your blog will help a lot in releasing a functional block

    Keep up the great work.

  6. Hello!

    I am myself a person who started building a website less than a month ago, without having (yet) any products to sell. As being a very starter in the domain of online businesses (affiliate marketing), I needed and still need to tackle problems step-by-step, first of all by creating the website, after choosing my niche, then starting to add relevant niche content to it, engaging other people to visit my site and comment, and learning about how to become an effective affiliate marketer.

    At this point I still haven’t reached that point where affiliate links (meaning: promoting products for people who want to buy something afterwards) start adding to the site, but I think that there has to be a precise order for the events, which obviously implies starting a website without an actual product to be sold, or promoted via the Affiliate way.

    To conclude – yes, we can start without products that lead us to earnings. Things have to happen one-by-one.

    Best regards!


    • I completely agree and with proper training, you learn step-by-step how to create an affiliate marketing website and incorporate all that.

      Just be patient, and take it a step at a time, you’ll soon get there.

      Best of luck!

  7. Hello, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. this is exactly what I was looking for. Many marketers told me that I should make my own digital product and sell it through my website but honestly, I don’t know how to do that. I am really glad I found this piece of text, I actually plan to start my own blog and earn from Google Adsense.

    • Hey Danijel

      It’s true what other marketers are encouraging you to do. And this post helps you to get you started in moving towards the goal of creating your own products. I see you mentioned that you don’t know how to create a digital product. On this website, check the category “product reviews”, you will find my review on The Digital Marketing Launchpad. That ebook will guide you throughout each step of creating, marketing and selling your digital products.

      Thanks and all the best!

  8. Great content and an eye opener of sorts for the young entrepreneur. The blogging goals that you have defined in particular are terrific!! The heading ‘Blogging can help you build a brand before implementing your business idea’ is the one I find very interesting and is reverse engineering at its best. 

    The brand first and then the idea….the brand will sell the idea….Awesome!!


  9. I have a straightforward answer to the question you have asked here, and that is the fact that I will like to open a website and share my passion.  I love this excellent post and the fact that one can tell there are different ways to make money through a website. Thanks

  10. Thanks for the informative article. Yours become my eye-opener to the possibility of making high income through blogging. The world has changed so much that it’s hard to build personal branding just by blogging. Social media marketing is also needed to do that. I’m intrigued with affiliate marketing and will check more about it. Thanks


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