How To Find Business Ideas

The thought of having a business is admirable, no doubt about that. But coming up with business ideas can prove to be a challenge for some aspiring entrepreneurs. For that reason, I’ve laid down a method of finding suitable ideas real quick.

But first,

Finding a business idea

Your mind can go completely blank when you think of it. For those ideas that come up sometimes they wrap your career and if not, they somehow link to what you see others doing. I bet that’s not what you look forward to achieving if you’re looking for creative ideas.

Begin with;

Identifying a business opportunity

Identifying business opportunities

Everyone does it daily in their waking life. In most cases, subconsciously. All the problems big or small can be filtered to a business idea. Bear in mind; a problem is not necessarily something negative; a desire to fulfil an interest falls within this category too business-wise. While on that note,

In business, you often think of buying and selling, delivering a service and receiving an income. Those are the activities that construct a company. Otherwise, no business would exist without them. So, as you feel the need to purchase a solution of any kind, the person who sells an answer to you saw an opportunity and turned it into the business.

Where to find business ideas?

At a marketplace, where you can find your targeted market, most likely ready to purchase anything they want. Think of any place that matches the criteria; it could be anywhere. The internet is an example of a market place. Soon you will find out how to leverage it to get ideas.

Apart from that, you generate inspirations for business ideas

  • Within you or
  • From your surroundings

The formula for finding a niche/business idea.

Find a niche to find a business idea
When someone mentions the word “formula”

Relax, you are not in a mathematics classroom or in a scientist’s lab 🙂 (that is if the word formula makes you feel uncomfortable).

If you connected to this page from my previous post, then this is the first part of the article series. If not, click here to visit the article, so you don’t feel excluded.

What you need to know first:

If finding a niche market relates to recognizing a business idea, then recap on these terms;

Niche – a segment in a division that represents an audience – for example, women’s wear in clothing department.

Niche market  – a sub-niche representing a specific audience — for example, Ladies’ shoes in the women’s wear department.

Targeted market is a society of individuals who share distinct but similar interests and demands. In this case ladies who are likely to buy shoes.

Once you identify a niche you can work with, then you have found a business ideas.

Instead of using the long route, you can use a keyword research tool, Jaaxy for instance. Enter any search term or a search phrase you want and see what comes up.

You’ll get the interpretation of your results later.

Important to note when searching for niche ideas:

  • Know the type of problems you’re able to solve
  • Understand the needs of your targeted audience – what could they possibly be willing to buy from you?

How to find niche ideas within you

Niche Ideas within you
  • Identify your strengths, interests, likes, etc.) and problems associated with each of those things.
  • To what extent can you try to find a solution to your identified problem? The stronger the will, the better are your chances of finding a niche that will work for you.

Sources of inspiration when looking for opportunities

  • Your Strengths
  • Your Interests
  • Your Passion
  • Your Hobbies
  • Your Skills – hard or soft skills
  • Your Experience – could be career-related or anything resulting from a past encounter or exposure
  • The Knowledge you have – what do you know that most people don’t
  • Your Weaknesses – which of them would you want to turn into strengths
  • …add to the list, I have given you enough hints 🙂

How to use your surroundings to find a niche

Look around you;

  • Where are you?
  • Inside your premises,
  • Outside your premises,
  • Life in general
  • The globe

What can you identify as problems? Keep problems and solutions in mind. To what extent can you try to look for a solution to a problem you have detected? Hint: Think like a potential buyer now. And don’t forget these two words; Will and extent.

How to find a niche using the internet

There are two ways to do that,

  • Manual search
  • Automated search

Find niche ideas online manually;

Social network platforms

Here you can analyze the formal structure or layout of any social platform. How is the social page categorized? Can you identify a niche idea?

Here are examples of things one can shop online using categories on P interest. Apply a similar principle across other social platforms.

Niche ideas

Examples of niche ideas

Niche market ideas

Examples of niche market ideas

Online department stores like Amazon

  • Check different categories, expand each group if you can; see if you can find some clues.

Discussion Forums and complaint sites

  • Check different sites like Quora, Hello peter, review sites
  • What are people discussing? Can you find a debatable topic? Are there any niche idea triggers?
  • What are people’s complaints? See if you can identify a niche from what people ask or their claims.

Search engines

  • Ask Google, Bing or yahoo anything you want. Read blog posts, online news articles or anything that can help you find the answers.

Follow trends

Significant changes that affect businesses – for instance, news sites, global trends; the list goes on.

By doing the above you’ll end up with a list full of potential ideas. Do it at your own pace.

The downside of using the above methods to find a niche

It can be disheartening in the end, more so if you end up with a whole list of ideas that you may have to conduct market research on to validate what you see, fairly represents the needs and wants of your targeted group. For that reason, it will be in your best interest to combine the above steps with an automated search; to filter down relevant niches.

Here is how the automated search method works;

Find niche ideas online using a computerized search;

So, to eliminate the troubles associated with manual searches, a keyword search tool like Jaaxy was invented to save you some time and efforts. By entering the word “buy” on search, you can discover a list of relevant niches and sub-niche ideas with a single search, based on what people search for online. See for yourself.

Would you have thought there is someone who could go to any lengths to search for tea tree oil online?

How to interpret keyword research results on Jaaxy

Keyword – the search term or search phrase you type in the search field (in this scenario it is “buy”).

Avg – that is the average number of isolated monthly online searches using that particular search phrase, globally.

Traffic – The estimated organic web traffic per month on your site, if you have that keyword phrase somewhere on your website. Perhaps on a blog post pointing to your stock item.

QSR – The number of websites competing for that specific keyword phrase on their websites. So technically, if you have a website selling that item; without that keyword phrase somewhere on your site, you could potentially miss a sale from organic web traffic.

QKI – Poor represents; there is too much competition for that search phrase, and the chances of you succeeding with it on your website may be too low. Great represents the opposite.

Using the alphabet soup technique – see that button circled in red.

If you use the keyword ‘buy’ as a search term, you can find hundreds of different relevant niche and niche market ideas utilizing a variation of letters in the alphabet, with a single search.

For example, you can buy;

  • Apples online
  • Books online
  • Courses online etc

Note: Your search results will consist of those things that people search for online.


It’s possible to have a long list of niche/business ideas, but in the end, it boils down to what your targeted market wants. For you to start a business that could generate income, you need to understand what is relevant to your targeted market. And an advanced keyword research tool like Jaaxy can help you quickly narrow down your list of business ideas according to relevance.

There is a lot more to explore using this tool for your benefit. With a free version of Jaaxy, you get 30 free searches with limited search results. Want more info on how Jaaxy works? Click here.

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12 thoughts on “How To Find Business Ideas”

  1. What an interesting topic. I can see that a lot of people may struggle on the business idea. I was like that too. But age and experience made me learn that I should invest my time and energy on the business that I love and passionate about. When I first started, I had way too many business ideas. I started out as a lifestyle but thinking that I am no celebrity so I narrowed it down to diet which definitely sells. 

    • It’s good you eventually discovered what works for you. What matters the most is solving a problem as you do what you enjoy doing the most.
      Hats off to you for following your passion.
      All the best 🙂

  2. I think what you are talking about, about how to find business ideas is very meaningful. Especially about the Jaaxy keyword search tool is very useful. I like the function of tracking the ranking of the website because, before that, I could not find other useful tools.

    I signed up for a free member of Jaaxy. As you said, it only has 30 free searches with limited search results. Later I will consider becoming a paid member.

    • That’s awesome JealousLi 🙂
      If you need any further assistance on how to use Jaaxy, feel free to visit the contact page and submit your request for help.
      Thank you very much, and all the best.

  3. A very useful post covering a ‘not so easy’ subject. Coming up with business ideas can be quite frustrating, especially if your not in the zone. The systematic procedures you suggest are very helpful and something to fall back on, particularly when your mind goes blank. I can see that this approach would get you started, on auto pilot to begin with, then a structure should follow as your thinking becomes more focused. Well done and thank you.

    • You’re welcome, MMainstone 🙂
      The first step is always crucial in business. And it starts with an idea. If you get it right, then the rest of the journey becomes less stressful.

      Thanks man

  4. The first fundamental question is why does anyone want to be in business? What is their motivation? Some people just do not want to be in business. If you do, this article provides information on how to find business ideas and opportunities. I believe to be successful one need to find a business that you know enough to make it successful. You need to know your niche and focus on that. The steps provided to help identify a business niche is quite helpful as you recommend the use of Jaaxy to reduce the effort needed to research niche opportunities.

    • Absolutely
      1. For someone who is not interested in being in business, why else would one go through all the trouble? I’m glad you mentioned this and the fundamental question. It also brings to light why the subject matter is in the menu “aspiring entrepreneur” for a start.
      2. As you narrow your list, you begin factoring in other elements; more on that in upcoming posts.

      Thank you Stanley 🙂

  5. Niche is very integral to making money online and establishing one’s business online and i must say that this information I have got here through this post is massive because it encompass all that has been my problem in getting started online. Making the right decision as to niche would make or mar the business. The ideas you have given on getting the perfect niche is nothing short of excellence. Thanks

  6. This is the golden guide to getting it right with business idea. Often, we find it difficult nailing the perfect business idea to ensure we reach the toppest bar of success. But once we get it right with the business idea, everything comes much more easier. Thanks for giving this guide. It would help a lot of people


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