Build Websites That Will Boost Your Income

Communicate effectively. Buy & Sell online without fear. Customizable websites get anyone excited to expand small ideas.

How many times have you ignored a program that promises to show you how to make money online? You click away quickly, something you sincerely want to master😯. Have you been scammed before? Are results too good to be true? Don’t have time to waste online? It all sounds too complicated?

It's A Common Reaction With Real-life Consequences


These are the reasons why I’m showing you the simple gateway into creating your own means that’ll lead you to the wealth you want. The seemingly easy to grasp, the affiliate marketing business model, is gem-packed with micro-skills you need to be successful online – from finding purpose, creating a website, adding content, to attracting web traffic to your site and beyond.

The carefully crafted lessons I’ll take you to go beyond theory to show you how to take a quick, confident action to online Entrepreneurship, in baby-steps.

When it comes to making money online, Many Keen Solopreneurs struggle… Because business models, know-how, techniques, and what you offer online, matter.

Adding to the struggle is the failure to effectively market products online, which plays a big role. And this creates a lot of misconceptions about new and existing online methods of making money. If you don’t apply the right techniques to express your genuine offers, you could drive potential buyers away and get nothing from the money you invest… No one wants this. So if you get intimidated by the thought of using your platform to build trusted brands, you could get stuck repeating the same behaviours that sabotage your efforts and drive to progress.



Overcome the most common stumbling blocks on your path to creating wealth online.

Eliminate concerns of complicated is the process of building a website (you'll get help), and the worry of not knowing what to offer. I’ll take you to a training platform that teaches step-by-step, how to build a website that serves a real purpose and ways to make money of it. Even if you don't have a product or a service to sell yet.

Uncover the exciting things you can do online with a website

Gain control of the income source you create online and be able to do something that excites you.  Specifically, those early stages when you're clueless on what you can offer on your website. I take you to the same platform where you can generate exciting ideas to start small paying projects; you can expand for your benefit, where your earning potential is purely reliant on your creativity and effort.

Create sales offers that can be trusted and accepted

Add content to your website and showcase your true intentions, quality work, and value it adds to your targeted audience. I take you to the very same platform that teaches the fundamentals of internet marketing while showing you Step-By-Step, how to build an online reputation with credibility using a website.

Hi, I’m Sipheni

I share information about online Entrepreneurship – resources I discover online, and invaluable lessons I learn as I master digital methods.

With the right persuasion skills, own website, ideal solutions,... you can attract web browsers to your site, show them that you offer real solutions they've been searching for, and turn them into loyal customers.

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Because the trial and error method of making money online costs you precious time, and maybe the wealth you deserve…

The bitter truth is, being successful in creating wealth online is not merely about finding quick and easy ways to make money. It requires a lot more that includes techniques, know-how, problem-solving, business models, what you offer… All that you can learn through practice and gain experience over time.

There are particular ways to promote products online that can turn a browser to a buyer. And if you’re not careful, some methods can cause your efforts to go to waste.

Don’t know the effective ways to market products online? Then you really can’t make even a penny online. And even more frustrating when the customers you’re targeting end up buying elsewhere (maybe a product or a service that doesn’t even match up to yours) because your competitor knows all the hacks to make money online. Want to master those techniques?

By Hustling Online On A Budget Using Wealthy Affiliate Training Platform, You Get...


What will I be selling if I don’t have a product of my own?

Answer: You can promote any product through affiliate marketing (and get paid commission),  as long as the product has an affiliate program. The training covers all the fine details you need to know.

Why do I need a website to promote products online?

Answer: When promoting affiliate products through your website, you learn digital marketing hacks. This helps you understand marketing strategies that work online for when you eventually have a product/service to sell.

If I already have a website, will this training still be useful to me?

Answer: Yes. The training covers the fundamentals of digital marketing that are useful to anyone with a website. In this case the benefits go beyond learning how to build a website (you get access to a community of the like-minded, tools, and extra benefits – your resources are in one place. 

How soon will I start making money online if I sign-up for this training?

Answer: A lot of factors determine your success or failure online. Think of your drive to succeed and what you can do to achieve your goals.

How long does it take to complete the training?

Answer: It depends on your study pace. All lessons are prerecorded, and you can rewatch when it suits you.

If I can rewatch the lessons anytime I want, does this mean I’ll have lifetime access to the lessons?

Answer: For as  long as you maintain your subscriptions. Starter members, however, don’t pay any fees. Beginners gain free access to starter lessons for as long as their membership account stay active.

If you upgrade to premium membership, once you skip paying your subscription, you won’t access the entire platform for the missed period until you pay up. But you can renew your membership whenever you’re ready and pick up from where you left off.

Is it necessary for me to do affiliate marketing if I already have my products?

Answer: In that case, you can promote your products  the affiliate marketing way. Or create your affiliate program and get external help in marketing your products or services. With many affiliates sending leads to your website, you stand to benefit more.

How will affiliate marketing benefit me if I already have a business?

Answer:  You get to understand your target audience better . 

As you plan your web content, you also do market research. That way you stay on the ball keeping up with market changes.

Are there any benefits of keeping my membership even after I complete the training?

Answer: You continue to have access to weekly live classes, community support, site support, system updates and upgrades even after completing the training.

But, by the time you finish the lessons, you’ll be in a better standing to decide if it’s worthwhile to maintain your membership or not.

Just Imagine, Being Able To Monetize A Website Before You Even Get To Spend A Dime Creating Your Own Product ...

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