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What is the cost to build a website? You ask. If you intend to create a website faster and efficiently, drawing up a budget can help you estimate the cost of having a website. But the big question is, what goes into a budget for a website? Fortunately, with the help of this article, you can draft your budget checklist to make it easier to produce a comparable figure, knowing what makes up a reliable and secure site.

So, let’s build your checklist.

Domain name cost

You can build a website with a free domain name. However, eventually, you’ll have to part ways with your pennies to get serious about making a professional and secure website with a domain name you own. Besides, a website with contact details that show a domain name specific email address looks trustworthy.

That said,

Budget checklist for your domain name

  • Search for domain name cost (optional)
  • Domain name registration and protection fees
  • Domain name renewal fees (recurring)
  • Cost of other related services for the domain name

Web hosting services cost

In case you’ve got a tight budget and decide to grab a free offer for web hosting, at least keep in mind the subsequent subscriptions for premium web hosting services when you do so.

Which takes us to,

Website builders often come with web hosting services in packages. How often do you see ads for free websites and ask yourself, what’s the catch? Free web hosting services are inadequate. Even when bundled up with website builders, they come with restrictions.

That said,

A lot of coding and programming goes into website creation. And if you’re not a tech wizard, the cost of figuring out how to build a website from scratch can be much more expensive than letting the experts deal with the technical aspects. But in this case, you don’t have to fight tooth and nail fixing messy codes if you could choose to use a website builder in the first place. In addition, it simplifies the process of creating a website and takes seconds to have a website ready for setup.

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Budget checklist for web hosting services

  • Premium web hosting costs – this is for premium website installation, site security, files backups, maintenance services, etc. (these typically comes in packages also – you can even bargain from here)
  • Upsells/upgrades costs for web hosting services
  • Other fees for website hosting and related maintenance services

Website setup and designing costs

Depending on your website design goals, you can outsource the services for website setup and designing or DIY this process for your budget. However, suppose you’re new to building websites. In that case, it’s best to avoid overlooking the importance of your website’s content, design and how it affects the setup and displays across different devices. In other words, look for a theme or design templates that optimize content production with future updates or additions.

That takes us to,

Have you ever thought about the many different types of sites that you can build with WordPress? – A regular blog, an eCommerce store, an affiliate marketing website, and even a portfolio website, among many others! WordPress offers an excellent range of websites that you can build with it.


The content management system you decide to use will play a significant role in website setup and designing costs when creating a website. As a result, what will work best for your business or project is something only time may tell!

That said,

A great way to begin building your website project is by choosing which type you’re interested in building from scratch. Even without web designing skills, you can still DIY this. For example, suppose you want more than just an online portfolio website. In that case, you can consider a content management system with blogging features or at least one that allows seamless integration with other apps or plugins for future expansion. Here you can think of various platforms like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, et cetera that comes with the pre-made theme templates.

Just as,

WordPress offers a broader range of sites you can build – with tons of pre-made themes to cut expenses for web designing. As for setting up, you can use a training platform to learn how to set up a website in WordPress should you decide to DIY this process.

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In a nutshell,

Choosing a platform with the relevant training course and a flexible CMS for your website is crucial if you take the learning route to build your website. Then you can follow through with the lessons to set up a website, edit, enhance or develop your site. As a result, you upskill yourself in the process, and it often pays off in the long term.


Budget checklist for website set up & designing cost

  • Website set up – training costs and associated fees to premium Themes Vs the cost of hiring a web designer and developer for initial setup to change/amend out of the box solutions.
  • Course upsells/advances – lessons fees Vs expert callout fees and related charges for changes and improvements.
  • Cost of upgrading free plugins/apps to paid versions Vs expert callout fees for web development

Web content cost

You may find it challenging to create a budget for web content. First, what type of content will you display on your website? Next, consider the kind of website you want to build. Finally, decide what kind of website you want to have and what type of content you will use – this influences the short-term and long-term benefits of the website.


For budgeting purposes, you could outsource the services for web content creation or upskill yourself and buy a content creation kit.

What to add to your budget checklist for web content

Decide after careful consideration of the following questions – this can help you make your budget checklist for web content.

1. What is the purpose of the content, and how will it be used in your marketing plan

2. How long it usually takes to produce this type of content

3. Who can create this content for you – DIY, freelancer, or agency

4. Do you need a contract with the person producing your content

5. Is there an additional cost for editing and design work on top of what is paid upfront

6. Will someone else approve all final drafts before publishing them to avoid mistakes that could damage your brand’s reputation

7. Determine if you need help with social media or other marketing tasks, which will affect your overall costs

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8. Estimate the cost of outsourcing Vs DIY – enrolling for training and having your content creation kit

Website maintenance services cost

It’s vital to perform regular maintenance on a website, just as a house needs repair to remain in good condition. So when setting a budget for website maintenance services, consider what gets affected by evolving search engine algorithms and the changing behaviour patterns of web visitors.

Which takes us to,

What to add to your budget checklist for website maintenance services

With the right tools and skills to perform website maintenance services, you can DIY this if you wish to do so. Alternatively, pay fees to relevant agencies to do the following:

  • Clean your website – keep your content up to date and the website secure
  • Optimize your site to be search friendly
  • Change design for your website, or redesign the old look
  • Keep up with or pay agency fees for online marketing services, including SEO and social media management
  • Other related services

How to create a website the easy and efficient way (steps to follow)

  1. Use a budget checklist to draw up a budget for having a website
  2. Decide what type of website you want – do you want to create an online store, informational site, blog, online portfolio etc.
  3. Decide on the content management system (CMS) that allows for expansion, in line with your long term goals.
  4. Get a domain name
  5. Sign up for a website builder – a platform, preferably with a relevant training course for your website (optional)
  6. Build your website following training tutorials or outsource this as a service
  7. Add content to your website
  8. Market your web content – products/services
  9. Maintain your website – keep up with online trends


Creating a website is an investment that requires you to be financially prepared. You got to know what your budget looks like before building the type of site you want, and then make sure it’s in line with all the features and design elements you require for success. Making a plan now means there won’t be any surprises down the road when it’s time to upgrade, update or maintain your website.

So, what kind of website do you find easy to make Vs paying someone/an Agency for website building service? Feel free to drop a comment below.

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  1. I really needed this article. It’s true that starting a website-based business is undoubtedly cheaper than starting a physical business, but there are still costs that some people don’t take into account when first starting. It’s great that you added a mention to the costs for website maintenance. That is a crucial aspect of running an online business that beginners often don’t consider. 

  2. Web design has had an astonishing journey over the last several years. Some years back, if you did not possess markup and programming languages skills, you were doomed. You either had to hire a professional or learn it yourself over several months. These days you only need to take care of the content part. Website builders with thousands of templates will take care of the design part with very little input from you.

  3. Great advice for anyone who is looking to start their own website whether if it is for a hobby or if it’s for professional reasons. When I first started this journey I had no idea whether it would work or not. Therefore, I was really hesitant to invest in any hosting platform or hire anyone to help me build my website. Luckily, it was quite affordable and easy to do. Having a budget checklist is a great starter point for anyone. 

  4. Hey thanks for this information!

    I believe it is really important in a way to own your own domain, it shows dedication and it’s more trustable! WordPress is a great platform to start your website, like you stated they also have a range of themes available for your site and even better they are usually free!


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