Blogging 101 | Turn A Hobby Into A Side Hustle Online

Have you once thought about creating a website for blogging but kept wondering what you will write? Or how you can cash in from it? The good news is, blogging can be both a side hustle and a hobby. Here is how you make it both without pressure.

Choose your favourite hobby and create a website for blogging 

You wouldn’t want to end up turning your side hustle into a daunting task if you’re going to maintain the hobby status. Choose something you like to talk about a lot that won’t bore you quickly. It can be a broad topic like soccer, hair care, pets, partying or anything that excites you and pushes you towards your happiness zone. Things that any day, anytime you don’t mind participating in related activities too.

Online activities that adds to success in blogging

Consider this as the way to display your championship while building a strong personal online portfolio. To power up your blog, you’ll have to be active;

• Researching your interests (hobby) to produce high-quality information and updates.

• Staying alert on new developments relating to the interest and all things related.

• Scouting for breaking news on things that sparks your interests.

• Adding a skill or showcasing your experience for the pursuit while helping others.

By default, the above actions should be the things triggered by your undying desire to help you stay afloat on the subject matter. Think of that one friend who is always a step ahead with knowledge on the things you discuss when you hook up. That’s how you roll with a blog too.

And of course, the most critical activity is talking via written content, videos, audio, graphics… You can include other means of communication – any method that makes you feel comfortable.

How to turn a normal blog into a side gig

The tricky part. This phase separates an ordinary blog from a side hustle type. Turning a normal blog into a side gig involves a lot…you choose what floats your boat. And your blog needs to stand out to draw like-minded web visitors.

Imagine having a team of friends who think alike stopping by your crib. Close friends or not, as long as they fancy anything related to your interests. You’ll have to find ways to keep the squad entertained by discussing the things you both like. Everyone leaves with everlasting memories and some valuable lessons. You do the same thing with your blog posts.

Turn a hobby into a side hustle

For instance:

  • Surprise your blog visitors with new tactics of doing things they’re already doing.
  • Solve a problem they always struggle with relating to the hobby.
  • Discuss future predictions relating to the hobby to pick their brains and address their concerns.
  • Expose secrets relating to the hobby to keep the conversations juicy.
  • Exchange information on things related to the hobby to grow your network.
  • Include spoiler alerts to keep them checking your blog for updates.
  • Introduce conversations about new products you recently discovered, tell them where to buy those products.

Were you thinking of turning them into your paying customers for your efforts? All sounds entertainment at the top. How do you cash in from a blog? Alert! your squad may not think of paying you for free entertaining without you offering something. Think you got a chance?

You find something to offer. Otherwise, your efforts to make your blog a side hustle will go to waste.

Ways to make money from a blog

Create things they won’t easily find elsewhere and make offers. Something that will make them not hesitate to spend. Careful, that got to be worth it.

Here are the options, you pick what keeps the blog rolling—no need to add unnecessary pressure to your efforts.

• Advertise existing products relating to the hobby through affiliate marketing to earn commissions.

Create your own products that are related to the interest and sell them directly on your website. Caution! Don’t reinvent a perfect wheel.

• Place related ads in case your visitors spot something they like and earn from the click throughs.

• Offer your specialized services which are in line with the purpose of your blog. You got to sell things that will add value to your blog visitors to turn them into paying customers.

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P. S: -There are micro-skills to learn in each of the above; it’s not a walk in the park.

Where do you start?

Start by creating a website if you’ve already identified your hobby. Building a website for the blog is something anyone can easily do, even without technical skills. It’s transforming your ideas into profits that you might struggle with. Head over here for a simple solution with exceptional benefits.

Happy blogging 🙂

8 thoughts on “Blogging 101 | Turn A Hobby Into A Side Hustle Online”

  1. It’s exciting to know that we can turn our passion into a monthly stream of revenue. I had never considered blogging until this pandemic hit us. I’m still researching and I’m glad I found your post and your site. Thank you for all these guidelines of what readers would appreciate in a blog.

    • You’re welcome
      The key is to keep it simple. Especially now, when everyone is adjusting to the new normal.
      Cashing in from your passion is a cool way of staying happy.

  2. I can’t stop agreeing to your points stated in this article. I am blessed to be able to blog my passion and also get to earn money through the way. Its always such a joy, just writing on something that I love so much, best part is that it doesnt seem to appear like ‘work’ for me, but instead its a hobby. I like the clean structure of your article, as it is so easy to read while navigating through your article. This will definitely be bookmarked, as far as I love blogging, sometimes I often find myself being in need of new inspiration of topic. Your article really helped me jot new ideas down on my new topics for my blog. Really appreciate your help and keep it up!

  3. Blogging is a good way to promote products, share ideas or general thoughts, advice, and also make money. I find it rewarding to write about what I am passionate about, the products that I’m selling and countless other things that I have an interest in. Since I have a website, I usually write about what I am promoting,  and I find it fun like a hobby to try and engage new visitors. If you have an online business you will be well advised by this article to be a frequent blogger.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience and insights. Before I got involved in blogging; it never crossed my mind that a business website can have a blogroll to boost sales.
      It’s a savvy way of advertising and thanks for the highlight.

  4. I agree with you totally, transforming ideas into profits can be very difficult. We must always try to deliver quality information. Remember when you are supplying like-minded individuals with a product, it’s when you build relationships and sales will follow. Adding relevant ads to your website is also a good idea, cause the role of the blogger is to deliver quality content, Thanks for sharing a wonderful article.


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