Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing

It turns out affiliate marketing simplifies the process of starting a business. You find answers to most online business-related problems. Common stumbling blocks associated with doing business online include;

  • Finding the right market
  • Knowing what to sell online
  • Targeting the right audience
  • Staying visible in the fierce online competition
  • Customer retention

Are you looking for ways to enter the online markets without breaking the banking?

Let’s get to the details,

In this post, I’ll zoom in on affiliate marketing and highlight critical elements beneficial to someone determined to become an online entrepreneur, just like you. And later, up with a series of articles linking this post.

What is affiliate marketing?

If you don’t know, affiliate marketing promotes existing products on behalf of established companies or individuals in exchange for a commission. I was hoping you could find additional information and illustration linking the definition. So, I included that in my Wealthy Affiliate review.

Where does affiliate marketing fit in a business?

You’ll be surprised to realize that affiliate marketing fits everywhere. Right from the beginning, when identifying business opportunities, throughout the whole business setup, its operations, and its administration.

Here is why;

Finding a niche market for affiliate marketing

That equates to finding a business idea.

Absorb the following,

If you can identify a niche market and the targeted audience for products you promote on behalf of someone or a company, then you can;

1. Recognize the need and demand for a specific product/service in the form of problems.

2. Identify the targeted market for it, and

3. Develop a business idea surrounding something worth solving, as represented by people’s problems.

Affiliate marketing features niche marketing. Something that can improve your competitive advantage within your slot once you master its ins and outs. Learn more about finding a niche here.

Building an affiliate marketing website

That’s where you learn how to introduce a business online.

Irrespective of where you choose to locate your business, a website is a must-have if you want to reach a mass audience and increase revenue. Of course, there are many added benefits to having a website for a business; I intend to cover that topic separately.

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Many businesses operate online these days. Therefore, it would be best NOT to miss out on an opportunity to expand your market base by working online.

Why have an affiliate marketing website?

Before creating a product, having an affiliate marketing website can help you establish business relationships and stable networks within your chosen niche. Think of building a loyalty circle of the target audience too.

Creating content for your affiliate marketing website

A website with content enables communication and online interactions with internet users. The files you add to a website and how you combine them will determine how effective your communication methods and techniques are.

Talk of creating written content, putting together videos, ad campaigns, selling to a stranger – let alone hooking their attention. How does it feel?

Ever tried to sell anything?

Creating written content for an affiliate marketing website sharpens communication skills. Bloggers end up becoming brilliant copywriters who get paid lots of fees for conversions.

That said,

SEO and website rankings for an affiliate marketing website

What’s up with the technical jargon?

Perhaps that’s why it’s sometimes not easy to find specific information relating to making money online.

Here’s the real story,

If you’re not accustomed to any of the digital marketing terms, here, that’s where you learn the techniques of staying visible online against your competitors.

See it as an easy way to learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Through affiliate marketing, you speedily discover the following online techniques and strategies:

  • It is attracting organic web traffic to your website using free methods. That reduces advertising costs for a business.
  • You are avoiding letting your website be buried in search archives, disappearing in the world of online competition. SEO enables business strategies of staying visible to your potential customers/clients.

See this;

How often do you browse past the first or second pages on your search engine results page (SERP) to find what you search for on the web?

If you venture into a very competitive online market without previous in-depth knowledge of how to prevent the above from happening to your business website, guess what will happen?.

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Marketing existing products online through affiliate marketing

That allows you to identify industry-related cracks faster.

The simple way;

You can quickly develop innovative ideas and elevate unforeseen forthcoming inventions as you hustle online – approaches and techniques that don’t work need review.

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There is more,

Having prior knowledge of the above before creating your products can, by far, limit the wastage of resources and one’s efforts of introducing a new product in the market.

Here is where it matters,

Think of a new product you may ignore because switching to the contemporary solution is pointless. You can avoid such pitfalls if you are interested in starting a business – become a problem solver and enjoy the benefits that come with the title.

A company that sells products that are not in demand fails to take off. You can prevent such startup pitfalls through affiliate marketing by dipping your toes to online markets using existing products before going full swing in yours.

Here is the deal,

Learn Affiliate marketing here. It could be your easy way to master online advertising and promotional techniques without spending years in college (Note: education will provide an added advantage).

Keep in mind, though,

The masterly process of all the above is not as straightforward as one would think. So, it would be best if you learned how to do it properly to succeed.

One last thing,

Administering affiliate marketing expenditures and receiving commissions

Here, you learn the online receipt and payment methods and systems that work locally and are acceptable globally.


How will you account for affiliate marketing expenditures and income? That’s when you realize you need to learn the different systems, outsourcing essential additional services that fit into the model, plus more.

Would you like to know?

How to learn Affiliate marketing online?

Here are the learning options;

1. The trial and error method

As the name indicates, you can try to do what you think or believe correctly. You may even formulate your concepts from the word and its basic definition and hope for the desired outcome.

It is more like shooting in the dark with the promise of hitting the target. Whatever comes out from your trials will not guarantee the accuracy and effectiveness of the method used. It is called trial and error for a reason.


You are more likely to end up with an undesired outcome than the positive one. Perhaps a method that will make you think twice before adopting.

2. Self- learning/self-study method

You can choose to use the search engines; go through blog posts, YouTube videos or any other resource you may deem relevant. Find topics relating to affiliate marketing and try to piece them together from A-Z.

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You can also buy affiliate marketing eBooks. There is a lot you can find in places like and amazon. Free versions are available too.


It is a lengthy process. It can take you many days, months, sometimes even years to figure out and master at least one concept. Usually, it depends on self-discipline. Also, how quickly do you grasp things you learn on your own? And how determined are you to find accurate information and connect the dots? It’s in you.

The downside,

If you gather information from unreliable sources and make it be part of your study material, this approach may prove not to be the best way to learn affiliate marketing.

3. Undergoing the proper training using appropriate training platforms

This could be your preferred method if you want the most efficient and quickest way to learn affiliate marketing from the onset.

Here’s why,

You get trained by the experts and leaders of the industry. With this method, you find an ideal online training platform that covers all essential elements of affiliate marketing. In most cases, you get to practise as you progress with your training. Earn as you know. That’s what attracts the majority.

Good luck with choosing options that work for you.

What people ask about affiliate marketing:

Where to learn affiliate marketing?

There are many affiliate marketing training platforms online to learn all the processes I have highlighted above. And a detailed review of such platforms helps you settle on your best pick, knowing what to expect from the training.

How to learn affiliate marketing for free?

All three learning methods I have laid out above support free options. However, to speed up the learning process, get trained.


Finding a training platform that teaches everything you need to know about affiliate marketing for free could be a challenge. Which means might have to consider finding a training platform with free trials for training. Then you can wet your fingers to experience and decide if the ordeal is worth committing to the core lessons.


Without spending, consider yourself fortunate if you find one that will cover more than the basics.

Where can I find free affiliate marketing training online?

Here is a platform that offers free affiliate marketing training for its starter members. And I do believe you can benefit a lot still with a freemium account. You can get started right away and learn how to build an affiliate marketing website. That too, for free, with an option to upgrade your membership for advanced lessons.

Drop a comment below. 

44 thoughts on “Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Thank you for this great article! I am using a mix of self-study as well as a training platform. Actually I guess I am also using the trial-and-error method! The platform I am using is wealthy affiliate. It helps with a lot of things when it comes to affiliate marketing. For me, the menus I get out of wealthy affiliate is the great website hosting and technical support. 

    However, I have also been able to do a lot of study on there because they have lots of guides to things you might try to look up on Google for example. Also, because it’s a community, you can sometimes get help from people With things that you might not get help for free with on the rest of the internet.

    There are also lots of training videos that come with the premium membership, that might contain information not readily available on free resources like YouTube or Google.

    Thank you for your expertise on the subject, and I look forward to reading more of your articles. Have a great day.

    • I’m glad you are benefiting a lot from Wealthy Affiliate. Indeed, the technical support is superb. Without technical skills, you do not have to feel lost; they take great care of you as a member. And the community consists of members with varying expertise. That way, you find help from every corner.
      As for the correct method to use, well, incorporating a bit of each may be beneficial too. Just exercise due diligence and verify your sources.

      All the best πŸ™‚

  2. This is rather an interesting one you have written on affiliate marketing. You have exposed the good side and the need for us all to get established on the internet. Thank you for sharing. However, I would live to inquire how quick I can make profit if I join affiliate marketing? I’m a little not patient with becoming an affiliate marketer but I want to know my chances.

    • Thank you πŸ™‚

      Well, to answer your question; You need to ask yourself how quickly can you follow and implement things you can learn.

      One more thing, not being patient with it could imply that you might also become impatient with your business. Remember, by default, you become an affiliate of your business β€” an unpaid one for that matter (directly translated to affiliate marketing).
      So I guess if you want to give it a try, then my suggestion would be to consider learning to adjust.

      All the best πŸ™‚

  3. Very enlightening article that has given insights as to why affiliate marketing is still the best offer to anyone. In all honesty, getting to know about the chances associated with affiliate marketing is very cool and the fact that it offers a path to financial freedom, if done right. Affiliate marketing seems to be an open market where your reward is strictly based on your performance. This is nice. Thumbs up

  4. Thanks for outlining the three ways on how to learn affiliate marketing. The trial and error, and the self-study method are not the most effective way of learning something like affiliate marketing. I would agree that options 1 and 2 will most likely take up a lot more time and effort to reach the desired outcome. It just makes more sense to pay for a training platform and learn from those who have done it already and achieved success. Sometimes it’s better to pay to go faster and avoid the discouragement from trial and error. What’s great about Wealthy Affiliate is that it offers you an opportunity to test the waters for “free” and then decide whether you want to make an investment in going to the next level. Thanks for the post, I enjoyed the read. Best wishes!

    • It’s a pleasure πŸ™‚
      Another perspective there on trial and error; indeed, one can easily get discouraged by undesired outcomes.
      Thanks man!

  5. Great article.  You have outlined the importance of affiliate marketing, and the benefits for an entrepreneur.    Indeed with affiliate marketing expertise and an affiliate marketing website you gain a competitive advantage.  As you develop your website you learn a lot about technology, generating traffic, and more important monitoring the performance of your business and benchmarking at a minimum cost.  Well done.

    • Brilliant Sandikazi
      You have added three benefits of building a website the DIY way. I will remember your comment as the website matures.
      Lookout for a feature.
      Thank you very much πŸ™‚

  6. My venture into the field of affiliate marketing started with a company that wanted a pretty hefty investment to get started. It appeared they had a lot of training. The idea was to create a landing page highlighting a product and then placing ads on Facebook and other social media. The ads were to send people to the landing page and from there, if they clicked through to the affiliate company and bought a product, you got a commission. It got a lot more involved than that, but I only lost about $100 for my ability to get a glimpse of the whole program. Also, I have heard that Google frowns on that landing page setup. They wanted over $1,000 to get the more complete program. Then I found Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate lets you start for zero dollars, but when I found that the whole program, with ability to create multiple websites, was less than $400, I was all in. I would recommend their program because of its price, training and help available all along the way.

    • That’s an eye-opener, Jack.
      A good reminder to check reviews before buying into a product. It’s good you finally found the perfect solution to your problem. Your testimony could help many out there. Look out for a feature as this site matures.
      Thanks, man!

  7. Actually, am happy to read this.
    I am wondering why 2 years ago I wasn’t able to find information like this before I was scammed. But am happy now; wealthy affiliate is the reason for my success.
    Thanks for such great info.

  8. Thank you very much for such an outstanding article about affiliate marketing. Nowadays, affiliate marketing is the best way of making money online. I started doing it a few months ago. I do the training via the wealthy Affiliate training platform.

    Your article is very helpful. So I want to share it on social media account if you don’t mind.

    • Thank you, it excites me to learn that you’re finding value in it too. And yes, by all means, feel free to share.

      Thanks and all the best!

  9. Stopping by reading this article gave me a more precise idea of what affiliate marketing is, the essential things to do and the seemingly legit platform that can assist as you try your luck and commit yourself into the online business world.

    Though before anything else, I would like to get your honest revelation on the following, based on your experience:

    1. How long or how many months would it take to start making consistent money – say I choose to build a highly competitive niche like “Fitness and Health”?

    2. How many well-written and SEO ready articles could usually guarantee the success of a chosen niche? 

    Thanks a lot!  

    • To your questions, here is my take on the following:

      1. Your first question –  it depends, as with any business. Apart from meeting the demands of your target market, your efforts to succeeding will consist of mainly the amount of work, and the quality of your output among other internal, external and inherent factors. Many factors come to play that will determine the speed of return on your investment. 

      Even if you manage to tick all the boxes which lead to;

      2. Your second question – Will you ever guarantee the success of any business? Including the well established with clear-cut blueprints? 

      You see, even with tons of SEO ready articles on your website, it’s good to practise not to guarantee online success to anyone. 

      Think of the following:

      New Search engine updates that come with changes to the ranking algorithms

      New products and online competitors that enter the online markets daily

      Changes in consumer buying patterns that come along with changes in technology

      All those are the things you need to keep up with when you operate a business online.

      I hope this answers your questions

      Good luck and enjoy selling online πŸ™‚

  10. Hi, it is a great and friendly feeling to have found a website with an excellent writeup for these topics. Affiliate marketing has its great benefits and most people do not know how to go about it. I am glad that I got to read this article as it gives me more insight. 

  11. Hi There, Thanks for a great informative website. I also write affiliate marketing articles so know there is a lot to cover. Your information is really good and there is lots of it. It looks like we are in the same niche which is cool. I really like your table of contents something I did on my homepage too.

    Great Website


    • Thanks a lot, Stephen. I appreciate you dropping a comment here. It’s good to hear from the like-minded too.

      I’ll be parking on your site to pick some golden nuggets also.

      All the best πŸ™‚

  12. Thanks for such a thorough and well-researched article on affiliate marketing. I think it’s harder now than it was, maybe five years ago to make money this way, It takes real hard work and persistence to make it work, but it’s still probably the most accessible and sustainable way to make a profit from the internet. It takes a while to get going but as long as you publish regularly and keep your content up to date and original, this is a great way to make an income from anywhere.

    • As a quick way of making money online, I wouldn’t agree less about your opinion. But if you approach the model with a business mindset, then I find affiliate marketing to be the best alternative to business studies.

      Since it’s online-based, yes, you learn how to work and earn from anywhere.

      All the best!

  13. I’m not sure I have ever seen a detailed overview of affiliate marketing as I have seen it here. You have broken it down to the smallest bit for understanding, and I’m quite delighted because of that. I like this post a lot, and I learnt a lot about affiliate marketing and the significance of Seo to it. This is really massive and great for me. Thanks so much

    • Welcome back, Rodarrick πŸ™‚ You see, I’ve updated the earlier version which I felt didn’t cover all the bits in much detail. I’m glad you found something useful in the new edition too. Thanks for stopping by.

      All the best!

  14. That is an excellent and insightful site. It has helped me to learn affiliate marketing and that I had a change from my previous thought on affiliate marketing—very educative site. Thanks for pointing out the three different ways to learn affiliate marketing. Great article! Again, thanks for your high expertise on this subject. I will be pleased to read more of your posts from time to time as it can lead me to great success in affiliate marketing.

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    I will convey your article to my friends and recommend them to work in this place. I hope they will share their new experiences with you. Can I share your article on my social media?

    • Thanks for the compliment Shanta and yes, feel free to share to your social media to help others too. I’m glad to hear of and to see your progress in the digital space.

      As always,

      All the best!

  16. Hello there! That is a fantastic article you’ve got here. Wealthy Affiliate is one online marketing training platform I’ve joined and never regretted trying it out. 

    Before now, selecting the right niche for my self had been a constrain. Still, after undergoing various training and a constant follow up by Kyle, I’ve enjoyed success via working online. 

    • I’m glad you followed through and didn’t give up. Choosing a niche can be challenging. I’ve been there πŸ˜‰

      Thank you and all the best!

  17. This post is an exciting one because you have spoken all about affiliate marketing without leaving any stone unturned. I find it to be an excellent post, and I enjoyed learning new stuff. One thing I didn’t know before now is the processes of learning affiliate marketing. I feel the trial and error tip is not most favourable in most cases. Self-study is quite good by the way. I just started learning affiliate marketing. Thanks for sharing here.

    • You’re welcome, Henderson. I’m glad to see your comment here. Moreover, when I know that you’re gaining value from the posts.

      All the best!

  18. Hello there, thanks for sharing this excellent article. I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways people make money online, and for some, it can be a passive income once established. It is a strategy where individual partners with a business (mainly eCommerce sites ) to make a commission by referring readers or visitors to a business’s particular product or service.

    But that is quite a simple explanation. For one to be successful in making money online through affiliate marketing, there is a little more to it, like what you have listed here; from opening your website and sourcing for a good affiliate network.

    • You got that right. Anyone can choose to either treat it as a passive income generator or a learning curve to online entrepreneurship.

      Thank you, and all the best!

  19. Hi, I’m thrilled for the chance to view your website. I’m new at all of this and somehow struggling. I’ve never done anything like this before. I’m promoting Wealthy Affiliate and my website if a far cry from how well you have set up yours. I can imagine you are doing very well. It was beneficial for me to check it out. Keep up the great work. Now I have a better understanding as to things I need to do to be more productive. Thank you so much. Great site.

    • You’re welcome. I see you’re already getting on with the training. Feel free to PM me within the training platform if you need further assistance. I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

      All the best! 

  20. You have made an informative article to convince users to become affiliate marketers. If I have read your article three months earlier, you shall become my mentor. As you have pointed out, no one can tell how long to start getting profit. I believed you could get users to join Wealthy Affiliate free membership program.

    • Thank you. Three months ago, you would have found the earlier version which wasn’t in much detail. This article is an extension and updated revision after digging deeper into the affiliate marketing business model. Either way, you would have found something useful still.

      Thank you for the compliment. And best wishes too!.

  21. A very insightful article sighting and explaining what affiliate marketing truly is and how it works. I bought my domain name on February 14, and it has “Aspire” as part of its name. Many people end up quitting their affiliate marketing business at the beginning and some at the point where they’re close to little successes that would yield bigger ones. This article truly aspires entrepreneurs in the affiliate marketing realm. One of the major problems is lack of proper SEO skills. Many people lack this skill and are not willing to learn it. I have found out that free courses aren’t cool. Well, not all paid courses are cool either, but I trust your recommendation is worth checking out.

    • That sounds like a fresh domain name. If it permits, you can brand it for inspirational ideas related products or services. 

      If you view affiliate marketing as a business model, quitting it will relate to giving up doing business. Of course, unless you’re in it to make a quick buck or just to learn a specific skill for the short term.

      Indeed, there is a lot to learn from affiliate marketing including SEO. Learning from the free courses or resources will require top-notch intelligence and one’s ability to connect the dots easily.

      Thank you, MrBiizy

      All the best!


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