About Onlinehallway

Welcome to the digital route to entrepreneurship. Make your dream of becoming an entrepreneur come true.

Why Onlinehallway


 (background story)

The story of Onlinehallway began in 2018 when I was searching for business ideas that require little startup capital. Initially, I tried to think of brilliant ideas. But instead, I managed to come up with fairytale ideas, making most of the complex to action. Obviously, without considering technology, the traditional way of thinking (sub-consciously rooted in me) got in the form and limited my ability to think outside the box.


I diverted my search focus to the internet with the hope of it scanning on my behalf. And luckily, the trick worked. That is when I learned about affiliate marketing. It didn’t take much time for me to get hooked on the concept since the model appeared straightforward and had the sweet potential to yield fruitful results.

A new set of challenges began when I decided to dig deeper into the model. Finding detailed yet precise information relating to affiliate marketing was not an easy task, but the search mission was all worth it in the end. The complexity of the digital world architecture, combined with contradictory information found in it, made it almost impossible for me to navigate the system quickly.

When I finally struck the goldmine of information, I discovered much more to affiliate marketing that could benefit the majority. Apart from being widely known to be a thing for online marketers, many hidden elements once mapped together; you can develop worthy products or provide proper solutions by simply following your passion. Hence, I named this website Onlinehallway. 


Your Treasure

The Digital Route To Entrepreneurship features affiliate marketing as a starting point. Like a natural hallway to which different rooms connect, marketing products online the affiliate way; helps quickly identify multiple doors to online business opportunities. And subsequently, you could create or develop ideal solutions for a business. 

To combine all the above ingredients that bring the aforementioned to light, you got to mobilise what it takes to build and operate an affiliate marketing website (the DIY way). 

Build a website

The type of website that any user can quickly build with lighter effort. Think along these lines;

  • When you think of a website, a DIY user can create that.
  • ; a person with no hard-core technical skills can build.
  • ; it provides helpful information.
  • ; it solves people’s problems.
  • ; it generates income. 

What You Get

If you have once thought of the below or, nonetheless, at least tried to find out if any of this is possible, then Onlinehallway is helping people like you. The questions listed below will help you shake your brain:

  • Have you once considered having a website?
  • Does the idea to build a website scare you?
  • Would you be thrilled to learn how to build a website?
  • Did you know you don’t need to own a product to have a website?
  • Have you once thought about learning white-hat methods of generating income online?
  • Are you eager to learn how you can do or achieve any of the above?
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