7 Ways To Find A Perfect Domain Name Online

New to building websites? I see you in this rabbit hole googling “domain name ideas” for your website. Don’t waste time searching for clues. Here’s a comprehensive list of the methods you can use. You’ll find a perfect domain name for your niche website quickly, a corporate name even.

Use the following methods:

1. A Domain name generator tool.

Most Domain name generator tools work better if you have at least one word that defines your niche. You don’t need to know directions you can take with the concept. Let the tool generate a list of name suggestions for you. Here is the perfect example at leandomainsearch.com. Head straight to the search bar, enter your word and let the program do what it does best.

This one in particular, returns search results with hundreds of suggested name ideas in one search. It will even allow you to do a domain name availability check. That too, for the Twitter handle. You can also register the domain name with Bluehost from within.

2. A Domain name Naming contest

Use this method if you know what you want in a domain name. Perfect for those who don’t want to go through the stressful process of finding the title themselves. With clear instructions of what you expect and a brief description of the purpose of your website, submit a name contest request and let the naming squad do the work for you. Examples of brilliant sites where you can provide such recommendations include squadhelp.com and namestation.com.


3. Use syllables to alter words to cool domain names.

I picture you sulking over a perfect domain name that became unavailable while you were busy brainstorming ideas. Panabee.com has a fancy way of adding syllables to words to add more chill-sounding vibes to the name.

4. Use synonyms to find alternative domain names.

Does your first choice word for the domain name appear to be overused? It happens a lot. More these days than ever as individuals get involved with creating their own websites. Use synonyms to come up with alternatives. You can choose a synonym that can associate with fancy, catchy, modern, classy, unique; it’s up to you to communicate the essence you want to associate with your website. There are online dictionaries you can use for a quick search or google alternative words.

5. Use phrases and idioms to create a domain name.

Here you can flip common phrases and expressions to create memorable, fresh, catchy and even brandable domain name with a solid call to action tagline.

An appropriate dictionary or app can help you quickly find idioms and phrases you can flip.

6. Mesh words to come up with a domain name.

By meshing words, you can make up the following types of domain names.

Keyword-rich domain names.

Domain names that are a tail of popular keywords; They are search engine friendly and often useful for search engine optimization (SEO). But, most importantly, they are an easy way to communicate the types of products you sell.

Unique and memorable domain names 

Choose a strategy you want for the mesh. You can create new words, shorten keywords, modify popular phrases, come up with unique, memorable, or brandable domain names.

Brandable domain names, including those with unpopular syllables – that’s also doable by meshing words.

Catchy domain namoo, with a suitable mesh strategy in place.

Cool, funky, cheesy, horror and more types.

The tool that can help you out with a quick search, to some extent, is namemesh.com. You might have to incorporate any of the above methods to get the desired outcome.

Another alternative

7. A keyword research tool to find a domain name.

If you’re only doing a quick search for a domain name, I don’t expect you to agree to invest in a keyword research tool. The good ones usually don’t come cheap, especially if you only want to use them for this one small task. But, if you’re here to do business online and in it for the long haul, you mighl consider checking out this multipurpose keyword research tool. Apart from other functions, it also has a domain name search functionality to help you find top-tier keyword-rich domain names. Those keywords with higher average monthly search volumes with a .com, .org, or .net extensions improve your website’s visibility and help keep up with online competition using the search engine ranking system.

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22 thoughts on “7 Ways To Find A Perfect Domain Name Online”

  1. Very good article! Choosing a good domain name can be overwhelming, overthinking is very common! But asking for help is not bad, actually, it is the best thing you can do. When I chose my domain I was a little scared because I wanted a cool domain and something I’d never get sick of. In my opinion it is like choosing a tattoo!:) So, if there are tools that can help to choose a domain name, we should use them! Thank you for your tips!

    • You’re right. If you don’t get the first choice right, there’s no second chance for a quick edit. I like your comparison to choosing a tattoo 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing such amazing concise information on finding a perfect domain name. I was actually doing some research online when I saw your article. I believe you have helped us all with this post. The good work you did in your table of content has made it plain simple and very easy for new website builders to find a perfect domain name easily. I will surely refer to this post to all my friends

  3. Heloo over there, a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and interesting post on domain names. I have actually been in such position before, searching for that perfect domain name. The only best thing I could do was to use the key word research tool which was very useful and helpful.

  4. Hello there,  thank you  for this very detailed and informative  post,  I must say that this post Is really timely for me as I have began working on building my website and for real I have been doing a lot of Google search regarding domain names. It’s really frustrating,  but this post here has made things easier for me by giving options to choose from. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Helloooo dear. Thanks a lot for sharing such amazing content with us. I am really glad I saw this post and I love your sense of humour here. Nice work, your choice of words and writing skills is really amazing, and the description of each word you shared makes it easier for the readers to form an opinion. I already saved the post so as to come back for future reference

  6. I have several things I did wrong starting doing affiliate marketing. And the first was rushing to purchase a domain name. I should have waited a bit to learn more about it and the things I should avoid. I have learnt about several tools I can use so the next domain name I purchase is a hit!

  7. You have done a great job here by making this post available, I know that many affiliates have run into such problem of finding a perfect Domain name, the list of the alternative ways through which one can easily find a better Domain name will ease people the stress during brainstorming. Which can be very stressful and overwhelming. But with these options, it will become quick and easy to find one.

  8. Yeah, I had this problem 6 months ago. Then I would just sit and think endlessly what name should I chose or make.

    I didn’t know there were so many ways to come with a name for your website.

    Your list in this article at that time would have spared me my time. Anyway, what’s done is done, I plan to make more websites in the future, so I am saving this article to my bookmarks. Thank you.

  9. If only, 12+ years ago, when I launched my first business had some of these tools been around! I remember sitting with pen and paper for hours, writing down every single thought that came to mind before then, trying to tie every original idea together in a different way. While I do think each of the tools you referenced in this article can be useful, I do personally still believe that your domain name should, for the most part, come from your head so whatever you do don’t give up on the tried and true pen and paper approach thoroughly. 😛

    • Maybe in the coming decades, when machines can read what people think – that’s when we can stop using our brain 🙂 When all ideas are not coming together, it’s always a good practise falling back to the basics. The pen and paper solution ain’t going nowhere – always there to redeem us.

  10. Hello there! Thanks for sharing this awesome information for helping to find a perfect domain name. I am really impressed and been researching this. I like your specific points on it. I believe this would be of great help to all who are building websites. Thanks for the excellent work you did here. This will really help many new website builders.

  11. Hello there, that’s an informative post. I really do find these methods of yours to finding domain names pretty amazing and very educative. This just made me realize now I have been doing this whole thing the wrong way all along.  I can now get a good domain name easily, thanks.


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